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What Makes an Essential Noise?

It's already five o'clock in the morning and my eyes like to glare as if want to take a glimpse of a shadow hiding at the side of the window. Oh, it's a shadow of a sparrow seeking for a meal. I can't hear its chirp because the noisy sound of music interrupt my eardrums. The music from the neighbor's sound entertainment seems very close to my ears. It's very disgusting because it is always been a repetitive cycle of waves of music rushing towards my ears.


The Earth is huge, but why in this planet, it seems that I am the only person who has been interfered with by the rhymes they played every morning? I do love country rhymes and music. "Baliling" has been my favorite song since I was a little girl. But what if variety of songs and music are played everyday, from dusk to dawn? How would you perceive them? Would you feel happy if those rhymes keep kicking your thin drums? Of course, it's okay if I hear them at least one time.

Respect should come when it comes to destruction. Some of our neighbors are unaware that they are already destroying your beautiful sun. I hate them for screwing up my own. Are they not aware that my eardrums were already fed up listening to their sounds? Gross music with loud laughters, screaming, screaming, oh they suck my balls. How I want to go and live alone in a mountain where only birdsongs are noticeable by my ears.

Oh wait! They returned with their guitars and tambourines. Soon it's a noisy party. But I'm not invited and even if I am, I'm not interested as I know they would not make my day so pleased. I want to hear one silent moment. Is it tough to give?

I'm sitting on my balcony drinking a cup of espresso. I love to make it as a hobby every morning. Around the block, I saw the old lady bringing her broomsticks. It is 7 a.m. and yes, it is time to sweep the small community. She's always around and made my day so nice. While sweeping off the leaves of the breadfruit tree, she cheerfully chants her verses, singing songs so soft to my ears. This is the kind of music I want to hear every morning and not those disgusting ones.

Pedro came with other fishermen catching fish at dawn. They're very happy singing country rhymes, a sign of great catch. When they reach their home, I'm sure they would satisfy their mouth with the taste of native "tuba"- an extracted wine from coco palms. Guess what, they'll soon be singing, yelling, laughing too loud. What else I can do is to wear my headphones and try to fall asleep.

I am living in a planet where only echoes are pleasant to my ears. Every mouth speaks as if it owned my eardrums. If they're not singing, if they're not playing their music they're yelling, fighting as if they're like fighting cocks and gamefowls.The best will live and the other will sleep for a meanwhile. How I wish I could buy even a dime of their silence and gain some peace. I don't like to feel the roaring thunders in my heart. I want a peaceful morning, I want a beautiful day. If it's hard to give then please drag me to my dungeon coz' it's quite out there.

Life is a melodrama and its silent background music is always fascinating to my thin drums. I can enjoy the luxury of peace and my spirit always a steaming water ready to boil if it's being destructed. The magnificent mountain behind my nuts need some comfort from the skylight taking a glimpse from a distant horizon. It's dreaming to be isolated from the noisy wind. Even a whining tornado is unbearable to a restless masterpiece.

With the sound of nature my world is a calm giant from afar. Nothing compares with the timid waters dripping from streams. It's a soft miracle to my serenity. The locusts chirping from thick bushes are like pretty sparrows chanting their lyrics. Who would forget the haystacks in the meadows gracefully swaying with the tempting wind. I love to listen to their harmonious rhythms. Nonetheless, I gladly appreciated the magic of the canyoneering waters falling from highlands. They offered variety of wondrous experiences, moments of fascinations licking my veins.

Yes I love the leisure of tranquility, as it allows me to reminisce my ups and stumbles. My heart is sadly yearning for that priceless opportunity coz' I'm dwelling in a planet where only mutes and deafs are blessed. How I wish not to hear even a single rant from the other side of the rainbow. Even clouds too complain when they're over saturated. They'll cry cats and dogs.


Jenny, our eldest sister is a tough, beautiful and smart 4'11 woman. Being the eldest of the family, she's grappling the second responsibility handed by my parents. When we're young, she's the one left behind looking after our security. She's responsible for doing the home chores, cleaning the house and washing clothes. She's enjoying doing it without any complaints. When she's starting doing home chores, she required us to play outside and never come back until she's done. But once all home chores had been taking care of, she allowed us to enter the house and watched our favorite cartoon shows like Cedie, Princess Sarah, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the likes. We love her so much.

Our childhood was a quiet roller coaster. We enjoyed every rides of ups and downs. We're shaken by the heaviest storms but we're determined not to fall. Growing in a poor family was a challenge to our dreams. More than that, when our mother gave birth she suffered postpartum depression. She walked away from home not knowing where she's heading to. She's out in reality. The moment our father arrived home, he's a rigid stone. He's bold enough to look after for my mother. He's a perfect gentleman. For long years, he'd been taking care for my mother's welfare. He never surrendered even how heavy the loads he lifted on his shoulder.

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Our family was always the talk of town. We experienced being bullied many times, in the neighborhood or even in school. But we're the children of courage and faith. We faced all burdens and trials. And here we are, living the prize paid by Almighty. We're all successful in our chosen careers and happily living with our families.


Heal Our Land

With the recent wrath brought about by covid-19 pandemic, who would like to be quiet? Even the busy sparrows are chatting of complaints up in our roof. The crisis had brought disasters to every home and to every country's economy and still continue afflicting pains to its poor victims. The world has been very noisy. Even the clamorous papers became speechless with the tremendous effects brought about by the pandemic. What might be the hardest lesson heading after this pandemic?

I came from a developing country and its chance of survival is clinging to the giants who can shelter her in their strong shields. Our economy is fluctuating downward and keeps on crawling in deep muds. How can we build this up if this covid-19 pandemic continuously striking our fate? Is there a chance that even just a single ray of hope can save us from the burning pit of hell we're experiencing right now? Our hopes are like raveling threads from a hanging woven old rubbish cloth just cloaking for chances of being shield inorder not to be detached from the Sole Omnipotent.

I'm not dumb! I can hear the roaring echoes and their reverberations beyond the deepest grave. I can fathom the cries of hunger. I can feel the difficulty of the lying covid victims in intensive care units grasping for even a little volume of air just to survive. My heart is sobbing everytime I see our frontliners grappling their responsibilities without ifs and buts. The caring nurses, the brave soldiers, the dedicated educators who never cease to serve their purpose even how risky and restless their jobs are. They have no choice but to throw the dice. I can hear the longings of the bereaved families being left behind by their loved ones due to this pandemic. My soul is restless with the noisy sounds of griefs and rushing waves from oceans of tears. This is the kind of noise my eardrums need to listen. Being a witness, I stand amidst the roaring thunder, yelling in behalf of the grieving land. Ladies and gentlemen, please hear my pleadings. Let's offer our help with pure intentions to every person, every home and every country seeking for hopes. If we're one, we could rebuild our shattering planet.

© 2021 Honeylyn Casquijo


Honeylyn Casquijo (author) from Philippines on August 04, 2021:

Yes that's true. How I wish I could have one knowing I am living in an urban neighborhood.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 04, 2021:

Peace is a surprise to me if it's quiet while I'm trying to sleep

Honeylyn Casquijo (author) from Philippines on August 04, 2021:

Yes you're right. Peace is always a wonderful surprise every morning.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on August 04, 2021:

I feel your pain

My neighbors are not the best either.

Noise and traffic in and out until the wee hours of the morning...just before the sun comes up. a welcome surprise during these hours.

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