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No Dreams? No Problem!!

There are a lot of dreams I want to accomplish but make people realise that if they don't have any dreams or goals it's not a big deal

(Refer to the photo of the poem after the text of the poem)

(Refer to the photo of the poem after the text of the poem)

No Dreams? No Problem!!

Whether not being able to write a pile of books, or grades got a huge collapse,
The time feels so less and fast, feels like the world got a time-lapse.

The mistakes were so many that the guilt and criticism got me trapped,
But, the mistakes were just like markers on a travel guide that got my success mapped.

Not a dream, if it causes tension,
Not a dream, that for your joy it's a suspension,
If your dream's like that, then instead, not having any dream will be of more joy and satisfaction.

You love your dream so much that trying to achieve it makes your brain explode?
Don't worry, for this small headache your success will be the antidote.

If you think this dream is turning into a nightmare them you really need to wake up,
Or realising it when it's too late will be as annoying as a never ending hiccup.

After achieving your desire don't think of proving people wrong and having a debate,
Instead, as you paved your own path, helping others do it will be quite great.

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Now it's time to leave cause I need to complete my own dream.
And remember, after achieving it, don't remain stagnant, make another one and be like a moving stream.

Don't worry if you have no dreams, life will always land you somewhere fine.
Like it did, driving you to reach, to this small poem of mine.



So, we all have a point in life where we literally do not have any goals set for our upcoming life, we don't even have any dream for the future, no planning, no dreams, no goals, that is total mess.

This is totally fine as I said, life will always land you somewhere fine but that doesn't mean that you should stop dreaming even if you can, or stop making efforts to complete it, or instead life will not land you fine but near a bottle of wine.

Hope you understand what I mean.


Misbah Sheikh on September 11, 2021:

Nice poem, Husamuddin. Just one suggestion

Please use the video capsule to share any video or song you want your readers to see or listen to. :)

Good work and Best wishes to you! Welcome to HP!


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