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Nikita Gill: Instapoets Changing the Poetry Game

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With over 640,000 followers on Instagram, Nikita Gill has certainly made her mark and distinguished herself among the community of instapoets

An ambassador of National Poetry Day with seven volumes of poetry to her name aside from the other projects in the works, Nikita Gill is proving that she is here to stay


Nikita first started writing and got published at age 12 in a newspaper; a story about her grandfather which is why even till today she writes short stories and is working on a novel

First started posting on her Tumblr account before moving to the picture sharing app, Instagram.

She attaches great visuals to her poetry which brings it to life and makes her poems more relatable

All these helped in pushing her work out and being profiled in BuzzFeed helped her gain 15,000 additional followers


Being a contributor to the Thought Catalog, they first published her first poetry collection and later Trapeze published the same book with new material added by Nikita

At first she was rejected 137 times for publication before finally publishing her first poetry collection Wild Embers: Poems of rebellion, fire and beauty

Her other books include: Fierce Fairytales: & other stories to stir your soul, Great Goddesses: life lessons from myths and monsters, Your Heart is the Sea, Your Soul is a River, The Girl and the Goddess and Where Hope Comes From: Poems of resilience, healing and Light


Even with the joy of being recognized for her work, fame has had its issues for Nikita where she has encountered piracy; whereby her work was quoted but she wasn’t given any credits for it.

A popular case of it was by Khloe Kardashian and she expressed this event as quite disheartening


Nikita addresses herself as a feminist writer and this is seen clearly in her writing where she encourages women to always embrace their wild sides and seeks to empower them through her work

Her writing has helped her to cope with the difficult moments and memories in her life and she uses those stories to tell the younger generations that they can be stronger and braver in their pursuits. Remind them that their wild embers can light up the whole forest

With her work, she hopes to spark up conversations on mental health in order to give people a space where they feel heard, feel like they aren’t alone and make them understand that even in a world that makes them feel they don’t belong, they are special

She is influenced by empathy and she tries as much as possible to channel that into her work

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She writes in a very simplistic manner stating that it is easier to connect with people that way.

After all, people tend to abandon or ignore what seems too complicated or hard to understand so she tries to express her way in the easiest ways possible, so the same audience she writes for gets what she is saying rather than felt left out of the narration


She names her influences as people like Dr. Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda among others

She has also stated that “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is her favorite poem


According to Nikita, it would be hard to pick a favorite poem of hers but has a strong preference for “Old souls” as it was inspired by the strength and resilience of a fellow passenger on a flight.

And while this poem might be short, you could see that behind the written lines there are so many unspoken words as well

She uses her creativity to write stories and poetry to encourage, endorse, reject and even preach on certain topics she is passionate about


My personal favorite of Nikita’s poems is Her silence, it goes…

Never ever mistake her silence for weakness

Remember that sometimes the air stills,

before the onset of a hurricane

It reminds me of the story of the Eagle who consistently stole a hen’s chicks. The first time it happened, the hen cursed, yelled, and shouted all the profanities on the Eagle and this continued for a while and the Eagle even taught her own children to hunt and snatch chicks from this hen as well.

One day, the children of the Eagle snatched a chick from the same hen and brought it to the nest and their mother of course asked how their day went.

They told her of how they successfully preyed on the hen and got one of her chicks again as well as mentioned that for the first time, the hen didn’t shout after them for taking her child yet remained calm and watched them fly away

The mother eagle then ordered them to take the chick back to its mother teaching them that when a person makes way too much noise after losing something it is because they don’t have much of a plan or idea on what to do.

But a person that remains calm in a bad situation is way too calculated to be messed with. There was no tree that went down silently, neither do people

It all just goes to say that while we think a person’s silence may put them at a disadvantage because it doesn’t look like they can do much, it actually gives them an upper hand.

At that point we don’t expect anything from them and they have the opportunity to put together something that will more than pull the rug from underneath us


So in other words, I for one can say Nikita Gill has certainly achieved her plan to inspire people through her work because I certainly am more than inspired…

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