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Book Level by Grade: Best Loved, Newbery, and Caldecott Winners

Lists of the Best Books for Young Adults, Newbery Medal Winners, Caldecott Medal Winners, Books for Gifted Children, and Novel Lesson Plans

The internet is filled with sites that give book lists and sites that list novels by book level. Few of these sites comprehensively includes a teacher-selected list of the best books for young adults, Newbery medal winners, Caldecott medal winners, books for gifted children, and novel lesson plans. This site provides multiple lists, utilizing Accelerated Reader to determine the grade level books should be typically read. More important than that, this site provides numerous links to book lesson plans that can be very difficult to find. Each list, particularly the Caldecott list and the Newbery medal winners, includes links to, so you can purchase books without having to needlessly search the internet.

Accelerated Reader and Book Grade Level

When I began to compile this list, my original intention was to make a comprehensive list of books for my students. In order to do this, I polled over a hundred teachers, poured over existing lists, and then consulted Accelerated Reader to determine the book level of each book. What I found was quite interesting. Few teachers had novel lesson plans. Instead, teachers either made up material as they went, or they simply read the book for comprehension. There are a lot of great book lesson plans available, but few were being utilized by the teachers I polled. In addition, few teachers were reading books at the correct grade level. Their book level was almost always different than their actual grade they taught. After talking to some of these teachers, I noted that most teachers choose books based on what they like and what they consider to be the best books for young adults. Unfortunately, this often results in negative results.

With this in mind, I decided to compile a list of books for other teachers. Please feel free to read books that are not at grade level when necessary. Books for gifted children, for example, often have to be at a higher grade level. On the other hand, remedial readers may need their book level to be lower than their actual grade. You know your students better than anyone. These book lists and novel lesson plans are intended to help you select the best books for young readers in your class. Enjoy!

Book Banned

Books for Gifted Children

Newbery Award Winners by Grade Level

Caldecott Award Winners

Pulitzer Prize Winning Novels List: Greatest Books of the 20th Century

Christmas Books by Grade Level NEW!

Thanksgiving Books by Grade Level NEW!

Books 1st Grade

Books 2nd Grade

Books 3rd Grade

Books 4th Grade

Books 5th Grade

Books 6th Grade

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Books 7th Grade

Books 8th Grade

Books 9th Grade

Books 10th Grade

Books 11th Grade

Books 12th Grade

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My intent is to continue adding titles, links, and free resources to this list.  Please help me improve this free resource by recommending titles, reviewing books already on this list, providing lessons that can be shared with others, and helping me find additional links to existing sites that are beneficial.  Your comments are greatly appreciated by all.   

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arizonataylor (author) from Arizona on March 15, 2012:

Kindergarten is a hard grade level. The books are so plentiful, and few stick out as the best. I have devoted a bit of time to the project though. Perhaps it's time to finish that hub!

Best wishes.

Carolyn Arthur on March 14, 2012:


Sarah on March 12, 2011:

This was a very helpful list - thank you so much.

funky23 from Deutschland on February 22, 2011:

great topic thank you for the tips !!

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