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New Way

I hope to move on

The mind remains sad and thinks that I made a mistake.

In maintaining the relationship that are hurting me today.

The relationships that gave time to life forgot me.

I tremble at the decision taken for me.

I don't remember anyone's contribution to their life.

Forgot all the relationship,now they just remember their life.

My feeling has become a passing time for no one.

I am confined to myself, what should I say to anyone,even who listens.

Time is gone, only memory is left with me.

Even to say, did the person forget what a favor.

I don't realize why should I teach anyone.

But when memories come, they can't be stopped.

Tears come to the eyes to lighten the mind.

No,the mind is so rude that no one remembers itself.

It's easy for everyone to forget someone so favors.

I do not accept those favors but do not forget that which is yours.

I don't want to take revenge but remember those things.

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More than those thanks, It was my time that passed.

Can't come that past time and those old days.

Life has become old and their talks.

Time has progressed and I remained the same.

If I think then I get upset but now everything is alien.

Everything has changed, now I should change as a thought in my mind.

Forget the things that hurt me,as it is my resolve.

Everyone has moved on,let me also go ahead.

I don't remember anyone,even I forget them.


Sultanakhan (author) from Neemuch (mp) on June 12, 2021:

Don't be sad and something new

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