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New strategies to Make Money Online - [Secret Techniques of Making Money]

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I love music and I am 33 years old, which means I watch the news.

New strategies to Make Money Online - [Secret Techniques of Making Money]

New strategies to Make Money Online - [Secret Techniques of Making Money]

The internet has become the number one source of income for many and it is the only option for others. The threat of the virus forced us to work from home. And the stress of daily commuting to work became an inspiration for workers to regain possession of valuable time. Commuting alone to work takes more than an hour of your precious time.

And if you are planning to enter the world of online earning today, then do not be surprised if millions of you are trying to rank one another for open job positions. The competition for jobs online is higher than you might have expected. That is why the direct approach of entering a website, submitting a resume, or applying for a job, may not be the best strategy in 2020 and the years to come. You need to approach earning money online with a different technique so you can beat the competition.

Here are strategies that almost no one talks about on the internet. And you can benefit from these strategies because they have less competition and they are all coming from free legit websites that you can earn real money.

Strategy number 1 Earn Money in OnlyFans

You might have heard of OnlyFans as a growing video sharing platform for perverts. OnlyFans is where old men pay for lewd pictures of young women in the hopes that the arousal can cure their thinning hairline.

But what if you are not a young woman? What if you are someone like me? A 33-year old Asian guy whose talent and skills are only appreciated by parents?

If we follow the Belle Delphine scheme in OnlyFans, then we will have less to no success at all. Exchanging sexy photos with dollars from simps is the best strategy in OnlyFans, but this method is saturated and crowded. The recovering pornstars from rear injuries are also in OnlyFans because of profit minus the frequent lubrication.

So how can we beat the competition in OnlyFans?

Think big and think about the opportunities that will come using this method of earning in OnlyFans. Instead of showing sexy photos, offer them photos of garden plants.

Fun fact: do you know that the number 1 fertilizer of houseplants plants today is MSG?

Yes, in exchange for a dollar, offer your simps 5 photos of your Garden Plant. This strategy is legal and eco friendly. And a good thing about this, the plants do not have to be yours. No agency has been able to copyright a photo of a plant, so you are free to take pictures of plants and offer them to your simps at OnlyFans.

Surely, you will be off at a slow start. But once you can build an online presence, your fans will grow and in no time you will be earning 4 to 6 figures per week working at OnlyFans.

Thus, start an OnlyFans garden plants theme now and be the first to take advantage of this strategy.

Strategy number 2 Earn money by growing a Facebook Account - Version 1

Facebook, a website in charge of America’s national security and monitoring activities of the world. Facebook ensures that the world is at peace. Facebook is the best social media platform unless you are Donald Trump who likes to tweet about how he lost in the 2020 US presidential election.

The line "earn money online on Facebook" may not be new to you. Strategies like a lead magnet, click funnels, and affiliate marketing are the most profitable strategies on Facebook today.

Fun fact: Do you know that there are successful business owners who do not pay for Facebook ads, instead they operate 200 plus Facebook groups and pages?

The same as YouTube, you might also think Facebook is overcrowded. And I must tell you, that is a shallow mindset. Because the number of users on Facebook is growing every day. This strategy that I am about to share today on how to earn money on Facebook is taking advantage of the growing organic traffic that Facebook generates. Today, a lot of parents are linking Facebook accounts to their child's birth certificate.

Surely you have a friend who instantly created a Facebook account after the birth of their child?

The pure innocence of parents of how Social Media is not suitable for young children is the fuel of this method. If done correctly, this method can earn you at least $1000 per day working from home. I am already 200 words out of this strategy so let us give it a little more stretch to reach 300.

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This insanely unique strategy to make money on Facebook surpasses the techniques preached by the likes of John Crestani and PewDiePie. And applying this money-making strategy online can change your quality of living today.

So what is this strategy? How can you earn easy money on Facebook?

The strategy comes with 2 easy steps. First is to grow your Facebook account up to the maximum allowable friends by Facebook. And if you have the time create multiple accounts as well. The second and final step is the most important. It is the strategy to make you the $1000 per day working from home. Follow the second step carefully so you can change your way of living today.

After implementing the strategy you learned today, your life will change. From owning Huawei, you can now afford an iPhone.

So, on your Facebook, go to messenger, and message each of your Facebook friends this call to action.

“ Hello there. I saw you are active on Facebook and you are looking great today. That Glutathione food supplement is doing well on you. You’re supposed to be brown and now you like an albino water buffalo. But looks great though. Anyway, I was wondering if you can send me $ 0.50 PayPal money?”

Yes, and that is the total strategy. Ask for 50 cents of PayPal money from each of your Facebook Friends. If you have 4,000 friends on Facebook and you message all of them per day. The passive income is insane. If 2,000 will respond to your call to action, then that is an easy $1,000 per day of PayPal money.

Hundreds if not millions of people are earning from this strategy on the stress of New York, London, California, and other big cities of the world. What we have done, is took out an already working system, a guaranteed money-making strategy, and implement it online.

Strategy number 3 Earn money by growing a Facebook Account - Version 2

The same as the second strategy, we need to grow our Facebook account. We are using Facebook because it holds all types of demographics from all over the world. The interaction action among users is higher on Facebook compared to other social media platforms. And this strategy will need high volume interaction with other users. Aside from messaging, you also need to post comments. But not just any comment, specifically targeted comment to attract potential costumers.

The strategy I am about to mention is already a working method in the real world and we shall implement it online to earn money.

This method of earning money is the same as buy and sell. But here, you do not need to buy anything, you only need to grow your Facebook account and monetize it afterward.

Before we discuss how you can earn money, let us discuss first what you need to do to prepare monetization of your Facebook account. To make this method very successful, you need thousands of Facebook friends. But this time be careful in adding people randomly. Only add people from a specific city. Say, if you are in the Philippines and living in Manila, add almost anyone that lives in Manila.

Now that you have thousands of friends, you slowly develop your Facebook into a politically themed account. Share and comment on posts relating to politics and do not hesitate in engaging heated arguments online. Later on, you will realize that these arguments online can help you earn more money.

The final step will make you money. You have thousands of Facebook friends, you are intensely active on Facebook, and now what is next?

The next step is to sell your Facebook account to the peddlers of Fake news.

If you are active on Facebook and engage in a lot of political arguments, finding a buyer will not be difficult. Especially when elections are nearing, you will be earning double.

And to make this strategy more profitable, create many fake accounts targeting different cities and sell these accounts separately. The beauty of this strategy is it is free to sign up, requires no skill, and you will only need your mobile phone and internet connection to earn money.

Strategy number 4 Start a Pornhub Channel

The growth of the porn industry has been massive. The sales of porn have reached epic proportions almost equalling to sales of the Bible. From, PornHub ranks number 10 in the entire world and the horny people of the US are the number 1 visitors of the porn site. A massive 23 % of the 2 Billion visits.

So you might ask why Pornhub instead of YouTube?

Well, the earning potential is the same between Pornhub and YouTube. Their Global rankings are nearly the same. But the advantage of Pornhub is, it has a lesser upfront investment.

In shooting porn you do not need to worry about a studio, video editing, copyright, and even promotion. You can just share the thumbnails of your video on social media and expect thousands of viewers will be funneled into your pornhub account.

Shooting is not complicated. You can shoot a successful porn video on your mobile phone while conveniently working from home. And monetization a PornHub account is very easy, there are tons of growth products affiliate programs you can apply to earn affiliate commissions. Because humans are naturally horny. Expect that you can earn at least, $ 1000 to $ 5000 of passive income per month, online and working from home.

The best part of this strategy, to earn money it does not have to be your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can totally do it with a random stranger whom you find very attractive.

Final Thoughts

The internet is limitless when it comes to earning money online. It is like a big ocean of money. But money will not be easy and you need the right strategy to succeed. Following the four strategies will help you earn money online effectively.

After you have read this article, do not put to waste the learning, and take action. Because you can only get the most of what you learn by implementing and seeing the results change your life for the better. The year 2020 has a lot of uncertainty because of the present Global crises the world is facing. This year is the most important year to learn new strategies on how to earn money online. The four effective steps mentioned in this article can help you lessen your worries about the looming financial crisis of 2021.

The consumer trend is online and that is where the money will be. And if you want to earn money, then the best place for you is free websites that will pay real money. Legit paying websites that are free to sign up, but with a lot of hard work, can produce recurring passive income.

Finally, I really hope that you are entertained as much as learning something new. The methods here are not only for entertainment purposes, but they can earn you money online if you will implement them today. These are not the usual tutorial strategies, which makes them very effective. The world of success is only for action takers, and if you are that action taker then follow these new techniques and strategies for earning money online.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Erl Sua

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