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Never Say, I Do!

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love is better to be incomplete.

Instead of abusing each other while living together, isn’t it better we should keep our love in our heart and stay apart!

If love and respect for our partner dies from our heart, wouldn’t be it nice if we had never expressed it to them?

Don’t you think It would have been better if we had never met the one we were running away from?

Actually as long as she was listening silently, she was good to them, when she spoke her heart out, she became bad.

As long as she was doing things for their family, she used to laugh and joke around with everyone, then she was labelled as perfect homemaker but when she wanted to do something for herself then again she became bad in everyone’s eye.

You want to live your whole life according to your wish, if she says anything about you and your work, you cannot tolerate it, but if she wants to do something which makes her happy then she has become a witch to you.

You Showed the world what a good husband you are, how good family you have, but the girl who you married turned out to be wrong, how lame!

One thing i have learned so far you are good as long as you do things according to people around you once you stop doing things according to them, no one is worse than you in their eyes.

For me Love is nothing, today the boy who is talking long, tomorrow he will not even like to talk to you.

The one who used to fight for you earlier will go away calling you quarrelsome.

Today you cannot change your one wrong act and a girl who keeps on changing herself all the time for you to adjust in your family, suddenly she became worst. How?

she used to look like a goddess to you before marriage, later she becomes a witch.

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I have seen people who used to ask their partners to hold hands during the entire wedding, But when will they leave your hand and go away, that too you will not be able to understand.

He may or may not fulfill his responsibilities towards you, but if she says something, then she is greedy and if she says she gets tired, then these things get arise, you cannot do anything, what business will you do in life, what house will you look at?

If you and your family does anything for her and show then it’s love and if she does something and show then that’s become favour.

It is not necessary that only one person should be at fault, the relationship breaks down when a person ignores his own mistake and tries to push their blame on other's.

Whether it is a boy or a girl, nowadays both are wrong, sometimes the husband is not right, somewhere the wife is not right.

That's why it is good that love remains incomplete.

In reality love hurts, feelings are disturbing so NEVER SAY, I DO.

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