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No More Sex



Yes, I did, I did plied

For you to keep, I tried

Each day lived with you, you fried

So, tell me why I shouldn't myself dry

When all you do, is making me cry.

You took me as a spa tier

So many a year

To and fro, you come here

And with your wand

Off you take my waistband.

You know, it’s kind of funny

When for you, I dress bunny

And your worries, dust with my pony

To always keep you impress'

And to ease you of distress.

No longer will I be your mistress

And put myself in this mess

Up always, I shall zip my dress

Till before the alter with the ring,

Then, you shall have access to me as your queen.

I'm placing on you a ban

You are not a nobleman

Of this promise, I will keep as I can

Onwards, I heed the words of Benwise:

Only a fool's testicle is stepped on twice.


© 2021 Isaac Teye Coffie


manatita44 from london on April 06, 2021:

There are hundreds of thousands of stories like this.

But yes! You're unique and each one would experience it differently. Many fears are borne out of loneliness, insecurity and lack of confidence. If you feel that the God-hour has arrived for you ... that you are in fact stronger, then take control! Be the change you wish to see. I wish you much Love and Higher blessings.

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