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Namghar Is a Heart of Assamese Society

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Assam is a society made up of people with different cultures and different speaking languages. The population of Assam is a broad racial intermixture of Mongolian, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Iranian, and Aryan origin. At one time all these people lived in different societies with different art and cultures. Different people tried to bring it together. Srimanta Sankardeva the religious head of Assam for about the 15th century, established Satra's and Namghar's in different parts of Assam through the propagation of Vaishnavism to unite the society. Namghar is one of the places where Vaishnavism is preached and is one of the places where the art and culture of Assamese society flourishes. Namghar is the place of worship of prayer house, place of Hindu monotheism.

Inside the Namghar:-

  1. Monikut:- The Monikut is the sanctum Sanctorum located on the east side of the Namghar. It is a place that represents the worship of God. As far as the seat ( guru asana) is concerned by fulham gamusha ( towels of handmade designing flowers) known as Khatala. There is a chandelier (made of cloth) just above the seat(guru asana) and there is a constant flow of a lamp of fire.
  2. Budhadangaria khuta:- There is a pillar on the north side of the Namghar which is called Budhadangaria khuta. According to folklore, this place is Grujana's place.

The activity of Namghar:-

  1. Religious Activity:- As a prayer hall of Namghar is always filled with the sound of Harinam. The sound of Harinam, the sound of khol(drum), keeps the atmosphere devotional. In the entire month of Bhada, every Hindu religion Assamese people goes bored with devotion and at the end of Harinam, there is a system of giving mahaprasad with a blessing to the Lord.
  2. Cultural Activity:- In addition to religious activities, Namghar is also involved in cultural activities. Every Assamese group gather here to recite folk dances, folk music, Bhauna, etc. During this time the whole environment is buzzing with khol(drum), tal( palms), etc.
  3. Political Activity:- The focal point of the village is Namghar, which is organized in the accordance with the rules and regulations of the village social system. Various meetings of the villages are held at the Namghar.

Musical Instrument of Namghar:- During Harinam and cultural activities, some musical instruments are played. Like-

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  1. Doba:- Doba is a big drum beaten usually with two sticks or hands. Also used in every day of evening time and used on the occasion of Assamese Bhaona etc.
  2. Khol:- It is a two-faced drum, played with hands. The environment is buzzing with the name of Harinam as well as the sound of the khol sell.
  3. Bartal:- Bartal is an Assamese word. This is a musical instrument made of brass. These are played with two hands.

Therefore, the Namghar is an integral part of Assamese people.


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