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Mystery Book Review: The Tenant, Forgive Me, and 2 Others

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.


The Tenant

Published in 2016 and translated into English in 2020, The Tenant is Katrine Engberg’s first book.

The story is about two crimes committed in the same building.

Jeppe Korner is a police investigator in Copenhagen who works from the Copenhagen Police Headquarters. His partner is Anette Werner, another police investigator. They are investigating two murders in a three-storey building owned by Esther, a middle-aged aspiring writer.

Jeppe’s wife divorced him, and he is finding it difficult to go on with his life after his divorce. You get to know Jeppe really well and at times might empathize with him. Anette is a happily married woman who can be quite bossy and insensitive with her partner and colleagues.

A draft manuscript links all these characters.

What I liked about this novel were the few surprises at the end of the book.

As trite as this may sound, I kept marveling at the Danish pronunciation of some cities and parks in Copenhagen. I found the pronunciation so challenging that if I were in an emergency situation in Denmark and I had to indicate the location of the issue, I wouldn’t be able to pronounce it.

Mystery buffs would enjoy this crime fiction.

It Happened at Two in the Morning

Published in 2017, It Happened at Two in the Morning is a legal thriller book by Alan Hruska.

Tom Weldon is a lawyer at a top-notch law office in New York. One night he gets caught in the middle of a crime scene and gets drawn into an intrigue through no fault of his. To get himself out of danger’s way, he must have recourse to many tricks that at times challenge his ethics.

Elena Riles is a young woman and the daughter of an influential man. She gets caught in the same intrigue as Tom. They join forces to escape, find the truth, and get out of their quagmire.

What I liked about this thriller is the mastery of the suspense genre that Hruska shows.

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There is a logical link that ties the main characters that the readers discover as they progress in reading.

Fans of legal thrillers would enjoy reading this novel.

Forgive Me

Published in 2021, Forgive Me is a novel written by Susan Lewis. The focus of the book is about the powerful impact of forgiveness.

Archie is a small-time criminal who is forced into committing a felony that causes great suffering to an innocent person. His love for his mother is gripping especially that she is presented in a way that is not deserving of his love.

In a small coastal town in Northern England, three women of the same family are living in fear of reprisal from a mean third-party.

The book is written in a way that chapters alternate between describing events happening in the lives of the three women, and the letters that Archie wrote to one of them. The content of these letters leaves a strong impression on the women.

The book has a good feel ending, which creates a nice release after the tension builds as the story moves forward.

This book is emotional and would appeal to readers who like stories about family and the power of forgiveness.

The Woman Outside my Door

Published in 2020, The Woman Outside my Door is a fast-paced thriller written by Rachel Ryan.

Georgina is a happily married woman whose son, Cody, befriends an old woman after the death of his beloved grandmother. After a few months and many missteps, Georgina discovers if this ‘new granny’ is real or imaginary, a friendly person or a dangerous stalker.

Bren, Georgina’s husband, loves her dearly but has a secret that he wants to keep hidden. This secret leads his wife on a wild chase that detracts her from finding the truth sooner and protecting her son. She struggles with forgiving and wonders if their marriage is salvageable.

Their efforts in rekindling passion in their marriage are hindered by the mysteries surrounding them that threaten their quiet lives.

Vera, an elderly neighbor, and Anthony, a rather weird neighbor, are suspected for a while before the truth is revealed.

At times, I found the narration a little slow but the small discoveries that pile up along the story kept me wondering what is going to happen.

The ending is satisfying.

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