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My Civic Duty

Caston George is a 10-year veteran political professional and former politician, accomplished writer, researcher, author, and archivist.

My civic duty

My Civic Duty

A Loyalist’s Thoughts in Seattle on Election Day

The Most High and Sacred Duty I have is to our God, Crown, and Empire, great;
It is as sweet a vow as marriage: Sacrament number eight.
This is my solemn promise and holy charge to keep, for,
Loyalty to it comes First, Above, and Before,
Every other loyalty, allegiance, and now
O Rule, Mighty Britannia, for I make this great vow!
Forsaking ev’ry other flag, and nation, and prince;
And doubtless be me, that, no man need convince:
That, this inviolable oath, must hold Supremacy over all other duties, under God Almighty.
And to keep it inviolably, henceforth from this day, wherever I am upon God’s earth, near or far away:
To fight for the right against any and all,
Even if alone, to hold fast, firm and tall;
To march into hell for the Righteous Cause of the Crown,
To protect Mother England’s peoples and renown;
And if devils should menace, without pause or wait,
I shall defend our great Empire, as Horatius at the gate;
And if they should try to compel me to another flag to be true,
I shall deny them and their banner, and with my sword, run both through;
And if they should yet try to starve me, or parch me til I cry,
I shall complain not a word, yet that my cup ought be more dry;
And if my family they held at the tip of their gun,
To say “they would themselves rather die, than have a coward for a son.”
And if they should yet give me order to their foul anthem sing,
I shall disrupt their chorus, with “God Save The King.”
And if they should break my knees if to their prince I won’t bow,
Ask them for death sooner, for I do not kow-tow.”
If they should beg me to hear their tyrant’s tirades not to run,
But when he draws near to me, to slice out his tongue;
And if they deny me the Gospel, and ban the Cross, I am to say,
“Our Father Who Art In Heaven,” seven times, every day;
And if they should try to burn me with fire, to complain of the cold!
If they feed me rotten food, to ask for seconds of the mold!
If they try to freeze me, to whine “it’s too hot!”
If they try to take my dignity, to let them have it not!
If they send me to the cliff, to run toward it: “Me first!”
If they with wine offer, to lament, “I don’t thirst!”
If they offer us food, “No thanks, not hungry!”
But if men I command, “feed them first, before me.”
For God, against Satan, whatever his foul form,
To deny wickedness, whether it be rare or norm;
To study and learn, as much as I can,
With perfect Faith in Christ, who redeems my Soul as a man.
With the Virtues Divine, make the unbendable bend,
Transform evil to good, and turn enemy to friend.
Tis an unwritten Commandment from Almighty God above,
And the mission of the Crown be one of Faith, Truth, and Love.
For these things I would look any foe in his eye,
Whether he be one or ten thousand, and whether it be ‘we’, or just ‘I,’
Yes, for God, Crown, and Empire, for family and friend,
I am honoured to bleed for these things I defend.
To promote them protect them, and preserve them shall I,
For there could be no better cause for which to fight and die!
Against all manner of folks, yet for life and for limb,
Under agony of body, or pain of death, grim.
Whether in peace time or war, good chance, or long odds,
To all this, I do swear:
So help me, Grace be Gods.

By Caston Evans on November 5, 2020.

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