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How to Improve Your Writing Career

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Reason For My Writing Career

Writing become a part of my life after I started to write. To begin with I produced my thoughts into words and shared it with online platforms like blogger and hub pages. At that time I wrote to gain some knowledge. Then I wrote to gain some money. On the odd occasion I write to kill time. Presently writing is a stress remover, sometimes. It keeps me engaged and now it becomes a part of my life. Always people say "write." Write stories. Write articles. Write poems. Write reviews. Reviews about books. Reviews about articles. Reviews about products, etc.

I fabricated stories. I composed poems. I wrote about places. Wrote about my colleague. I published my writings with blogger. Next I started to write on On the way, many people introduced me to many sites. There are countless websites. They are looking for your writings to publish free of cost and wanted to share a portion of the traffic. If you can generate traffic, you will earn money. More traffic promises more money. If there is no traffic, no money. Pageviews, traffics, earning potential, clicks, are some of the terms we used while doing online blogging or publishing.

By writing many made money. Some writers made small money. Some writers received a lot of money. Writing for unlimited money is better than writing for little money. Therefore, when you write, make sure you are writing for a lot of money. You can count your page views through Google Analytics. You can use your Gmail Id and create a google account for it. Moreover you will come to know how many peoples from which country are reading your blogs or articles. How many unique visitors are there to read your articles, etc. My articles on Hubpages now read by one million times.

It is delightful to see that many people from unknown continents reading my blogs and articles. By writing you can make friends across the globe. They would love to contact you and interact with you. Through the internet, the world becomes a small village. You can see the places through google map. Roads and places with pictures. Locating addresses becomes easy. You can come to know about diverse cultures and people through the internet. How they practice bizarre rituals. What they consume. How they cook food, what they wear, etc.

Subjects to write about

If you are not writing and spreading your thoughts and ideas, it is a loss. It is a personal loss and national loss too. No writing means no articles. No articles mean no publishing. No publishing means no earnings. So the answer to how to earn money is to write as much as you can. Write about your place. Write about your religion. Write about your feelings. Write about your relations. Write about your colleagues. Write about your passion. Write about your hobbies. As it happens you can write about your dog. Definitely, many are interested in your dog. They enjoy dogs. And follow your article about the dog. Describe them how you take care of it. And it will compensate you. Happy are those who have a dog. Happy are those who have a cat. Happy are those who have a horse. Blessed are those who have pet animals. They can write about it. I mean you can write about anything the your interested in. There is no scarcity for subjects.

Writing About Rain, How Beautiful It Is

Therefore, not writing is the most enormous loss. Why don't you write about your garden? Your garden is attractive. Your wife is lovely. Your children are charming. Why don't you write about those beautiful things? The rain is beautiful. Now here it is raining. For the last few weeks, we received rain every day. I love the rain. Overcast afternoons. Wet roads. Driving while it is raining produces a pleasant feeling.

On a cloudy afternoon, you can recognize pictures in the sky. Clouds make beautiful pictures. That is magnificent. Nature developing pictures! Next follows the wind. Sometimes blustery wind which carries away all the withered leaves. That is also a beautiful sight. Stand outside your house. You can enjoy the light wind and strong wind. Sometimes it carries dust. Then you have to go inside your house and close yourself to protect you from the dust. If you happened to stay outside during the dust storm, it would be terrible. Your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose will fill with dust. It is better to keep away from such dust storms.

Then came the thunder and lightning. It is scary and better to stay away from it. Observing it within the house is better than staying out. Light comes first, followed by the sound. Big bangs. Next follows the rain. If you are enjoying a hot season, it is great to stay outside. Enjoy the rain. It is cool. Really wonderful. I enjoy it a lot. It is a great sight. Leaves and plants would be bowing down to welcome the rain. That is another great sight we must watch. Rarely sunlight and rain cames together. That is another wonder. And we enjoy it too.

Subsequently the dry streams started to flow. Canals and rivers will start to flow. On the odd occasion it overflows. That is risky. Waterlogged roads are a frequent sight after rain. Break down of vehicles will add up the traffic jam. And there would be a mess. Farmers are happy to receive rain. City people are also happy to receive rain. But they hate that waterlogged roads and traffic problems. Still, we love it. We cannot escape it. We cannot prevent it. It is a blessing. It becomes a blessing to someone. And it becomes a curse to some other. After the rain, there comes the more pleasant calmness that covers the atmosphere. Wetness prevails everywhere. The smell of moist soil is elating. I treasure it. What's more the clouds goes away. The sun comes. We feel some heavy things have gone away from within us. Renewed hope and new energy flow through the body. Everyone enjoys changes. Am I right?

One side of the room where I am sitting is fixed with transparent glass. I can see whatever happens outside. I love watching the rain through the glass wall. Enjoying hot tea and snacks (Pakoda - is an Indian snack to eat with chutney) is my favorite on a rainy day. I don't want to go out. Nothing but sitting there and watching rain causes me immense joy. I treasure it. Don't you want to join me? Come on! Come on my dear friend.

What should I write

Therefore writing can be of various subjects. A moment ago, like I shifted to explain the rain, you can do it on other matters. Write about the things you cherish. Jokes are a valuable item to share with. Everyone likes it. I don't prefer dirty jokes. You may be pondering what is dirty jokes. There are good jokes. Which can be shared with our family members. If the joke is not shareable with our family members, that is considered as a dirty joke. These jokes are shared with selected people. You know it better than me.

Reading and commenting

There is plenty of things to write about. After a lot of writing, then you become tired of your own writing. This is the time to read. Read what others wrote. If everyone is writing, who is there to read them? So, there should be someone willing to read the stuff. It is an enriching time. It will increase your knowledge. You learn about many things. It will assist you to write more. There is no limit. You can learn as much as you want. I love reading. Reading ebooks. Reading article published online. Reading blogs. Delivering comments. Reading reviews. Reading about new products. Reading about a marvelous thing. There is no limit. Religious doctrines. Spiritual matters. Atheists viewpoints. Poems. Dramas, Stories. Scientific findings, cultural heritages, wonders of the world, etc. The list goes on.

After reading you may want to comment on it. Or you may leave it, without a comment. There is no compulsion. If you want to encourage the writer, then write a appreciative comment. Voting, commenting, ratings are there to express your views about the articles. That is the way to express your reaction. The writer depends on these ratings and comments and votes to know about your response.

Some people offer comments which may be discouraging. The worst thing is some people write provocative comments. Reading that comments produce emotions like frustration, anger, sorrow, etc. Have you ever experienced that? No, one would enjoy such comments. Most of such comments go to the thrash. Acutely rarely someone will reply to it.

Encouraging comments elate the spirit of the writer. It encourages him to write more. Which will eventually make him wealthy. He becomes a reputed writer. His ego will grow. Or he will become more humble. When I read blessing comments at the foot, I become more humble. It makes me humble. I don't perceive why. I think, who am I to receive such comments. Next I wanted to thank those who read and comment. From the depth of my heart. I bless them. And pray to God to bless them abundantly. That is my way of life. I want to seize this opportunity to thank you all who read this article. Plus, I want to thank those who are following my other articles. They may not be knowing I am blessing them and thanking them. But they will realize the blessing in their life. That I am certain.

Junk Writings and Writers

Junk writers and junk websites are prevalent on the Internet. If you search something on the internet, it will direct you to a website with headlines. If you click on the headline, it will direct you to another site. Then you click a link. It will direct you to another site. And it continues, website after website. You will equally discover Junk writers. Who write about irrelevant matters. You find nothing but keywords in their blogs. Unorganized keywords. A list of keywords. They are doing it for making money by creating page views. Don't do it. No one would love to revisit them. People run away from them. It is a waste of time and energy. We are searching for some key words. But they are displaying ads and keywords. Sometimes see search results after search results with ads. They are making money. It provides a short term gain only.

Content Writing

For a long-term gain, you need to write contents. Good contents attract more visitors. More visitors mean more traffic. More traffic leads to more money. It is a money-making tree. Over the years it will make money for you. How beautiful it is. You don't have to write every day, just like you go to your day job every day for making money. Once you wrote, it is going to make money for the upcoming days, months, and many years. As long as it attracts visitors, it would be making money. Good money will come to your way easily. While you are eating, your articles are working for you. You have articles that work for you. You have blogs that work for you even when you are sleeping. It doesn't matter whether you are making love with your spouse or sleeping or spending time with your kids. Your writings are making money for you. Tell me, which employer will pay you for making love with your spouse. (unless you make a film and publish it) Or spending time with your kids. Which employer will pay to you for sleeping? None. But your articles will pay for it. They will pay for you. So what is stopping you?

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Helna


Oscar Jones from Monroeville, Alabama on October 07, 2020:

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Dear Helna; it appears that this article is from a long while ago. It is very informational and full of content. I agree with Jasper it might need a few grammatical corrections. However, so do all of our writings! If someone judges us from one mistake, or even from one article, it is so sad. This article made me realize that you love writing and see writing as a tool of expression, and even of a personal passion to write and to read. It will remain an important part of your writing history, for it explores yourself and the things that you have love for. Excellent as an early literary work!

Demas W Jasper from Today's America and The World Beyond on September 18, 2012:

When writing about writing it is important that your own writing be the very best you can produce. Recently I invited a group of writers to join HubPages, but in what was nearly the last sentence of my letter I wrote: "Our incentives....was learning and grades." I still kick myself for not catching that one error in a medium-length email. Here is a sentence you can improve from this Hub: "It keep me engaged and now it become a part of my life." Coming early in your Hub it creates an impression that you are either a poor writer, or (as we have both been) lacking in proofreading, and that detracts from what we were trying to say. Of course, we all want to be careful with every Hub we write, and all our other writings, too.

Helna (author) on September 07, 2012:

Thanks Duchess OBlunt for your kind visit and comment.

May god bless you

Duchess OBlunt on May 30, 2012:

I agree, the long term goals are more beneficial to everyone involved.

Av on October 10, 2010:

Interesting Writings. Its excellent to connect with nature, llke rain, clouds and hot pakodas. Lifts spirits always. Writing also develops one through self-expression and enhances the richness of experience of life.

Keep up the writing.

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