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I wake up in the middle of the night,

Thinking of you in my mind,

Looking around you but you are out of my sight,

Why I can't see you in eyes?

That kind of question never answered yet,

Until I identify my real feelings,

Who are you in life?

Why you are disturb my heart?

I failed at once,

and i don't want to make it twice,

I put in my mind, all male are the same,

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Why my heart is confusing?

Even though I'm fall in love again,

I fight against this feelings,

My heart is argue and testify,

Surely, I'm fall in love to the second time.

I want to feel your presence but where are you? you are not around.

Why I'm falling in love with you?

  • You are not handsome
  • You are not my ideal man
  • You are not sweet
  • You are not charming
  • I feel comfort with you
  • I can not imagine with out YOU

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