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Unique Purposeful Time Travel Novel


Why I'm writing about my unique purposeful sci-fi (time travel) novel

I feel that even with all of the many sci-fi novels which have been published and even all of the time travel novels, mine is truly unique for several reasons which I explain in the section titled "Why my time travel novel is Unique" below.

Synopsis of my unique purposeful sci-fi (time travel) novel:

This uniquely purposeful Sci-fi (time travel) novel: "IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY, A Tale of Times And Truth." IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY is the most unique novel of all sci-fi novels (science fiction novels) ever! It's truly a Sci-fi (specifically time-travel) novel with a purpose!!
What do these historical eras have in common: 1)the California gold rush, 2)early colonial America, 3)the renaissance, 4)the reformation, 5)the time of Camelot and 6)the Roman era? They all contain valuable lessons which point to ultimate truth.
What do a group of future scientists from all over the world have in common? A desire for truth, hope for a bright future and a belief in a Divine being of some sort.
Put all the above elements together and you have an explosive formula for a great sci-fi novel, a fantasy adventure novel which could also be of interest to fans of historical fiction and Christian fiction as well as those of science fiction.

The synopsis:

In the future, when time-travel is theoretically proven and universally accepted, a group of scientists of all faiths decide to try to time-travel back to the Garden of Eden in order to prevent the fall of man and thus put an end to all sin, sickness and disease. They manage to gain the backing for the project from a wealthy financier. The trouble is, they can only go back 200 years, more or less, at a time and will have to make repairs to the time cylinder at every stop. Thus, they visit the historical california gold rush and then early Colonial America. Then, they are pulled forward unexpectedly to a future time of trouble, where robots serve, and forced to fight in a senseless war. They manage to break free and take off only to discover they have a stow away. But the stow away has a device which will help them to go further back with each leap. Thus, they then time-travel to the Renaissance and meet the historical figure, Leonardo Da Vincie, But, by mistake they take off without the stow away and his device. Then, they are pulled forward again, but only to the time of the Reformation, where they meet Martin Luther and have an argument over faith. Then, with the help of a new fuel formula, using alcohol, they manage to arrive at Camelot and finally, Ancient Jerusalem, where they at last realize the real answer: the true end & goal of their mission.

My writing process

How I came to write my unique purposeful sci-fi (time travel) novel

I was given the basic idea for this novel from a Christian friend while I was still working on my first novel. He made the suggestion about the future (non-Christian) scientists trying to put an end to evil by going back and preventing the fall. I added the rub that they could only go so far at a time and I added all of the time periods at which they would stop for the spiritual lessons they could learn from them, if they only would.

I made up the characters from different races who would be at the World Scientific Society.

The first three chapters were necessary to set the tone. They are about how the idea came up, how it was planned out, how it was financed and finally developed. Then came the actual time travel. Much of the historical chapters read like historical fiction once you get past the obvious sci-fi elements of the landing, communicating through time and fixing the ship. The idea of them being pulled to their future (which would be the start of the tribulation period) came while I was writing.

Other Sci-fi or fantasy books I have read:

I have read quite a few Sci-fi and fantasy books when I was younger, but of these the trilogy by C.S. Lewis stands out the most: [From Amazon:] "When C.S. Lewis wrote fiction, he created a world and then asked, 'How would God choose to be revealed in this world?'"


My friend, my God and my dear wife

I want to thank my friend, Daniel Lipscome, who first gave me the (very) basic idea to write a novel like this.

I also want to thank my God, who helped me to see the possibility and run with it and showed me the time periods, their lessons and how to put the whole thing together.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my dear wife, Berenice, who encouraged me, stood by me all the way, and kept me sane in the process.

Why my time travel novel is unique.

There are many Sci-fi novels, and even quite a few time travel novels and short stories available, but I feel that mine is unique and I will tell you why. First of all, my time travel novel is unique in that it poses a unique purpose from the time travelers--that of ending all evil and disease in the world. It also unique in that all of the time periods chosen were chosen for the lessons they could convey and/or how they point to ultimate truth. It is also unique in the message it presents--not that the message is unique--the message is as old as the first century and twice as timeless, but it is rare to see it presented in a Sci-fi novel.

Read this review of my time travel novel:

Review by Tami Brady:

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“Impossible Journey is reminiscent of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a unique Christian twist. In the year 2025, a team of researchers (representing various cultures and religious beliefs) create a time machine. The aim of this mission is to go back in time to the Garden of Eden to warn Adam and Eve not to be tempted by the serpent. The team hypothesizes that if this event can be altered, then sickness, death, and war will disappear not only from the modern world but also throughout human history. Thus, the face of humankind would forever change with this one act.

The journey contains a number of twists, turns, and unique challenges as the team members are chaotically thrown into various significant events in human history. During this journey, the team meets various famous personages such as Martin Luther, King Arthur, and Jesus. Through a series of coincidences, the team also gets a peak into a bleak future awaiting the team if they fail in their mission. The ending of their journey will warm the heart of any Christian and intensify his or her faith.

Check your understanding. Take my little 4 question quiz:

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. A friend gave me _____:
    • The basic idea for this novel
    • The specific time periods to include in this novel
    • both 1 & 2
  2. True or false: The time periods used in this novel were chosen at random.
    • True
    • False
  3. This time travel novel is unique because of _____
    • It's purpose
    • It's time periods
    • It's message
    • All of the above
  4. TTrue or false: this novel is a unique blend of Sci-fi and historical fiction?
    • True
    • False

Answer Key

  1. The basic idea for this novel
  2. False
  3. All of the above
  4. True

So, here it is:

Here is my unique purposeful sci-fi (time travel) novel, with a unique new cover designed by me to show all the time periods they visit and the ship which takes them.


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© 2008 James M Becher

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