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My Name is a Gift 3


My name is a Gift 3

I was thinking my dad hated cards. I didn't see him holding one, but inside of me, I

knew he had a lot of them in his locked room, but they were forbidden to the mother. She spent the day taking care of the vast house, and we waited for him to come in the afternoon so that we could eat.

Then the house would be quiet for a nap. When he left after sunset, he allowed us to have a little fun before going to bed. I was shying away from a bedtime prayer I claimed to be doing while thinking in my mind about what I would do at night in the dark, seeing what no adult could tell me alone.

I swear every time I won't tell her a secret, but she soon cries and Allan tells her a little. She sleeps open, hidden in my shoulder.

She's not going to grade me again to tell her that my father found the papers I hid from the mother's room, and now he's angry, and I'm all alone in that big room to find something to do. Even our sister Safiya, I don't see them anymore. Am I really that bad?

I came back to see Josephine again, and she was pale. I told her everything that happened to us in Upper Egypt, about the village and the house, about the wonderful band, and about seeing them amid people laughing and clapping.

She was disoriented. I waited for her to come back for nothing, I got angry with her, and she went home without saying good-bye. She got mad at my father for no reason, as if he had the strength to stop her and bring her back to me, but he did nothing to ease her departure.

In time, the mother went around the house, sat on the porch, quietly eating her coffee while giving the morning the food that would be prepared for lunch.

There she was, and there she was, and there she was, and in some way, I felt sorry for her, and I sat next to her and I didn't want to upset her.

I sighed with his heart, watching my calm.

After the adventures of darkness, I returned to the nearest door to my room. I came back alone, but Safiya's eye was still there watching me. I screamed it back? I found my father's face watching me with concern.

I said to him that she was here look look, and her tongue came out sulking.

He held on to me despite his previous anger at me and vowed not to speak to him again because he had left me the prisoner of my room until the marvelous band had left without seeing them and he denied me a long day's vision.

I forgot and he also said his class up there said to paint the cross around my pillow. I put my head on, and I had a horse around me that no demon could break in.

He comes by to see me every night to make sure I'm not attacked by class demons, and then he leaves quietly. She woke up one day to a quiet weeping near me, and when my eyes opened, her face was soaked in tears.

When you looked at her, you grabbed her in her arms. I tried to remember the last time I did that, so I couldn't remember maybe there was no previous hug like this before, just a hug to my class, and Teresa later.

It was not until midday that the calm turned to sadness that I kept watching my bags gather without a word. I thought, shall we go back to Upper Egypt? But where are Mom's bags? What did I do? Did my father get angry again?

Punishment I asked out loud, looked at me in a surprise morning, kept staring at my face, saw tears forming hard and not falling off with her fingers quickly, and she went back to work.
You have grown up, Siza, he said quietly, without looking at my face.

You have become a big girl. You must learn. It is not right to stay here. Look. We will go to your new school. It will be your home. When you come back, you will be a grown, educated girl who really suits us.

He looked at my face: and you shouldn't make a problem, to go out at night, open lockers, . There you will meet girls from good families who become your friends.

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