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My Mother Is Different

Not like everyone my mother

My mother is a great mother, she never stopped us.

Was scolded for things but was not merciless.

He had a habit of smiling and humming something.

Do not get angry and shout in any work.

Warning happily and not working for work.

We haven't seen my mother sleeping during the day.

After work, the bundle of hisclipping would open to become a shaggy tope.

There is no dearth of unfathomable energy and enthusiasm in my mother.

Faster in work on a weak salary and faster than a healthy one.

Brain so quick to learn and do anything.

There was little desire to live but a lot of work.

Sweet tongue in front of hospitality and speaking.

I don't know where you have the energy to work without stopping.

But you thought of everyone, none of you.

You supported everyone but none of you.

When all the money that was yours is gone.

No one cares about you, everyone has forgotten the value of your favour.

When there was wealth you all had a sparkle in your eyes.

You have become a stranger and of no use to all of you.

My mother you were so naive,sacrificed everything, still no value.

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Mother takes care of something, this world is of money,everything is on her own.

All relationship are gone with good times, no one is now the some as they were before.

My mother, we have not forgotten you, you have given us a good upbringing and education.

You did not give us the quality to depend on others.

Didn't teach you, you always taught the art of giving the work of revenge.

She herself was illiterate but educated us and made a way to live

Gave a good lesson, taught to respect others.

We did not become capable ourselves, your full contribution in becoming capable, your mother.

Whenever I lost life, you raised hopes with your words.

Your words bring courage and reason to live.

Our life is your trust, without you I have no existence.

If you are then I am, I am without you in the present, that's why it always stays in the memory.

But I shudder at the thought of being without you.

You have daughters and pray that you stay healthy, stay celebrity.

No you have any sarrow, you wear always the one who gave, stay the same.

And be the support of our life without you there is no happiness in life.

There is no mother like my mother, you want others more than us.

We are lacking and tell the quality of others that's why you are different from everyone.

You have made us different and capable only by telling us the shortcomings.

Even though you are so sick and weak, you do the same thing with a smile.

My mother is different from all of you and very polite.

We cannot repay your debt, we are buried under your favours.

I always want you to be my mother there is no mother like my mother.

© 2021 Sultanakhan


Sultanakhan (author) from Neemuch (mp) on July 12, 2021:

What my mother say

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