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My Mom Love Poem

Hey mustansar here im A writer of history and im also a attorney

She keeps herself hungry

Endures the heat of the situation

He raised me

He nurtured her with a lot of affection

Why is it so sweet to go?

Maybe it came from heaven

Yes, she came from heaven

Or is it just like heaven?

Yes, yes, that's really heaven

Why is it so sweet to go?

Lay me down in the cradle

I don't know how many things were said

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He knew how to love

My eyes will be kissed

I still remember everything

Keep lullaby me

And then sing a lovely song

Put me to sleep

Hug me

Open my eye

Be afraid of me

And then sitting on your lap

Feed me with my hands

I have never seen such love

What I found in my mother's ankle

After all, now everyone understands that there is another form of the Lord that

To the earth

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