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My Lonely Thoughts

My lonely thoughts and the wonders of life take a journey with me


My lonely thoughts

As I sit here in my lonely thoughts thinking about my future where I have been and where I want to be the butterfly flies right by me the bee buzzes right by me beautiful creations of nature I see my mind races with thoughts that will soon be the same thing that makes me smile with happiness I'm not wasting away I know my purpose My Hope and my faith that keeps me going every day my lonely thoughts have me thinking about you about my past this is true that everyday is a new adventure going on long walks in the woods alone breathing in nature air touching the trees and watching the bunnies and all the different other life forms that are in nature the creation is truly beautiful knowing to take life one day at a time not to rush too much but too have time for myself so I can think and reflect my lonely thoughts can keep me captivated The Sun shines on my face enhancing my natural color the warmth of the Sun brings me so much comfort my lonely thoughts come with me stay with me journey with me my lonely thoughts as I lay here in the middle of the wilderness one with nature I know I'll be okay.

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