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My Little Compatriot


My little compatriot,
I think you should come this evening
Knock on my door and see me.

O scandalous ribote
Big kisses and little ones
Conform to my big appetites?
But yours are so cutesy?

First, I will kiss your lips,
All of them, it's my dear entremets,
And the manners I put into it,
As in so many things experienced,
Are fond and convinced!
You will pass your pretty fingers
Through my flaved apostle's beard,
And I will caress yours.
And on your lily-like throat,
Where my ardor will put roses,
I will put my mouth on fire.
My arms will prick at play,
swooning over good things
From below the waist and lower.
Then my hands, not without mad fights
With your badly wrathful hands
Will flatter with tender spankings
This beautiful behind that will embrace
all the effort that will then bend
My gravity towards your center.

In my turn I knock. O say: Come in!

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