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My Life, Oh! My Wife

In this short fragment, I wanted to connect those moments when my complex and boredom lead me to think that death is an excellent option. Wr

Tic Tac
Tic Tac
Tic, ah?
Stop pretending it's a wall clock.
Look at the time, count the seconds.
Come on, again, twenty? Has it only been three?
Take your things, "thank you" (I get my usefulness back a bit).
Breathe, your fucking load is mental.
Come on, you look good, you do it well, you talk well, you write well, you calculate well.
What's happening? Why are you crying?
Sometimes ... sometimes you really scare me. How come you don't feel anything about that? Hey hey, are you sure you're not creating a stigma on yourself?

What if ... I'm dead inside?
Death is so beautiful sometimes, death is so good, dress beautifully, rest well, take your flowers, hear prayers of love (they pray to you) they dream of you, they don't stop thinking about you, give it, die, you will always be In My.

© 2021 Collin black

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