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My Last Date I'll Ever Have

My last date that I will ever have with two glasses of wine and a conversation.

My last date that I will ever have


Excuse me I see nobody is sitting with you may I take a seat with you yes you can I responded then I was asked how are you doing today I'm doing fine how about you I'm doing well you look good today this mysterious person said and I said thank you then this person ask me a question what do you think about death? then I said.

I'm terrified of the unknown is there more to all this than what I see with my eyes.

Doesn't death come for us all even for that beautiful red rose that blossoms then dries up and turns black.

Don't all we creatures close our eyes and are not able to open them back up.

Can death be freedom for some people that live in pain and misery and that suffer.

Doesn't death come suddenly and sweeps you way with all your love ones wondering and crying.

Can the mystery of death leave you wondering how you will die and when death will come for you.

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When I go to close my eyes and take my final breath will I be at peace or have a long list of regrets.

The mysterious person looked at me and asked how was your two glasses of wine I said they we're good and then the mysterious person touch my hand.


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