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I am a homemaker, mother and a wife. I have a passion for books. I always like to know about different books and love to read them.

What My Reviews Contain?

- The name of the book

- The author

- The illustrator

- The first publication year in UK

- The publisher

- A brief introduction of the book and flaws, if any

- My recommendation


Gangsta Granny

Author - David Walliams

Illustrator - Tony Ross

Publisher - HarperCollins

First published in UK (Year) - 2011

For age range - 9-12

This book is a perfect mixture of fun, entertainment and humour. It is a story of 11 year old child named Ben and his granny. Ben finds his granny an old and boring woman and never wants to go to her house. But a sudden twist occurs in the story and his viewpoint changes and the same granny becomes the most wonderful person of his life. He starts to think his granny as the most interesting person and wants to spend most of his time with her.

The book is not only funny and entertaining but the author has tried to convey a message to the children to understand and love the elderly people (in this book Ben's grandmother).

Apart from that, the author has tried to give some information to children about different things like neighbourhood watch, Tower of London, what a hospital is like etc. But to know why the granny is called gangsta granny, you have to read the book.

I read this book as an adult and enjoyed it. I'm sure children will definitely enjoy it. Hence, I recommend this book to anybody of the age 9+.

Billionaire Boy

Author - David Walliams

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Illustrator - Tony Ross

Publisher - HarperCollins

First published in UK (Year) - 2010

For age range - 9-12

This is a humorous story which tells that money can't buy everything. It is the story of a boy named Joe who is the son of a billionaire and has everything in life which money can buy but is still not happy. Even with all the money, he feels lonely because he is not having any friend. Joe realises that money is not needed to make relationships. To convey this message, the author has put some twists and turns and humour in the story.

There are few drawbacks also in the story like lengthy lists which a bit older children may find boring. Some people may find some of the things mentioned in the story as age inappropriate like mention of page 3 girls, nuts magazine etc.

On the whole, the author is successfully able to convey the message but I would not recommend this book for younger children.


Author - David Walliams

Illustrator - Tony Ross

Publisher - HarperCollins

First published in UK (Year) - 2012

For age range - 9-12

This is the another book of David Walliams. The story in this book is both funny and emotional. It is about a poor girl Zoe who loves pets. She lives with her father and step-mother. Her step-mother is not nice at all. After Zoe's pet hamster dies, she finds a baby rat and starts caring for it. Her step-mother hates rats. The whole story revolves around Zoe's love for that rat and the difficulties she had to go through, to save that rat from the people around who do not accept it.

The story has moved between humour, cruelty and emotion. As you read, you get more and more involved in the story. At times it might get a bit scary for children but if they keep on reading, they'll come out of their scare.

I would recommend this book to anyone of the age 9+ but not to those who really really hate rats. Maybe, also to them because after reading the book, they may stop hating


In the end, I would like to say that the above mentioned David Walliams books are for children who like a bit of humour. Some parents may not like some of the language used, however, the books teach the children to love and have positive emotions whether it is for granny or friend or an animal.

** One of the thing which is common in all three books is the newsagent Raj who is very kind to the children.

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