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My Hobby Essay

I am an online writer and studied from university of agriculture fasailabad. Will write 500 to 1000 words.

Hobby is an interesting persuit which we take up for amusement in our leisure time.


To wisdom which is leading,

My hobby is Gardening,

This jewel can never be lost,

So, I like it the most.

Hobby in the sense of favourite activity admits of an infinite variety. Some people interested in book reading, some take to gardening and other are interested in stamp collection. After the strain of a day's hard work, one feels refreshed by indulging in some hobby or activity.

Leisure is the time for doing

something useful

Hobby is something that we do mere for joy and delight. This is the world of struggle and effort. Man has to toil the whole day for his survival. He usually gets tired of this labour. He needs some pleasant activity to lessen the burden of this boredom. Different people adopt different hobbies for this purpose. Though I do many things at my spare time, but the thing that attracts me the most is GARDENING.

God himself first planted a garden.

And it is the purest of

Human pleasures.

Therefore, this hobby ia s source of joy and pleasure for me.


I lived in a big city where life is very mechanical and noisy. In the city, there is no place of real peace and calm. Therefore, I have made a lawn in front and a garden at the back of my house. In the garden there are many kind of trees. Many kinds of colourful flowers ant their blooms in the garden. Which smell spread every corner of my house.

To plant a



to believe



The flowers show different shades of colours. They give off sweet smell and present a beautiful view. Green trees, grassy lawn, flowers of various colours and front wall covered with green mistletoe add to the beauty of my house. The fluttering leaves and the dancing branches of the trees attract the viewers.

Leisure in its activity

is work

One feels happy when one hears the songs of the birds sitting in the branches of these trees. A fountain plays in the middle of this garden. When it sprinkles its shower, it looks charming. I have also displayed some twinkling lights on the branches of these trees. At night, when these light twinkle, they present on eye catching view. The clean grass of the lawn also looks wonderful. In the morning, when I walk on the grass wet with the due drops, I feel fresh and happy. These dew drops sparkle in the sunshine, they look like pearls.

In every Gardener there is a child


believes in the seed Fairy

I daily devote some of my time for the maintenance of my garden. I dig the beds of flowers, trim the grass and apply manure to the plants. Sometime, I white wash the trunks of the trees, spray the plants and prune the rose plants. I love to work and sit in my garden and lawn.

Happy is the man who

can make a living

by his hobby

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My garden is a source of peace and joy for me. I have also advised my friends to prepare such gardens in their houses. Some of my friends have accepted my proposal and have grown plants in the lawn of their houses. I sometimes go there to advise and help them in the growth and maintenance of their gardens.

I also participate actively in the plantation scheme of the government every year. I plant hundreds of trees at different place throughout the city. After planting these trees, I also take care of them.

Life may become happy if there is peace in the world. Life may become happy if there is love and respect. People should have love and respect for one another to expect that they will also be loved and respected.

Life may become happy if there is understanding among fellow people who should understand one another. These are some example which we learn from gardening. If we can not give time, value and love to the plants, they become useless. People are just like the plants if we can not giv them time, value and love they can not help us and leave us.

These are some reasons that why I like gardening so much because it teaches us how we spend the life with our fellows.

Gardening requires a lot of water,

Most of it in the form of



© 2020 Aqsa Shahid


Aqsa Shahid (author) from Gujranwala on December 29, 2020:


Aqsa Shahid (author) from Gujranwala on December 29, 2020:


Aqsa Shahid (author) from Gujranwala on December 29, 2020:


Aqsa Shahid (author) from Gujranwala on December 29, 2020:


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