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Why Feminine Men Are the Only Real Men


Toxic masculinity

Toxic masculinity has ruined our world for centuries. With such examples as power tools, muscle cars, blacksmithing, hunting, farting, construction sites and other such sexist jobs and hobbies.

Testosterone is a cancer to men. While the world is having a spiritual awakening we have to force men to embrace the feminine side of life. By making men more feminine we can eradicate such diseases like bullying and gender inequality. Who needs a man to lift a 250lb person out of a burning building?! Any woman can obviously do that!

We need girly men so that women can feel stronger. But we don't think women should actually be stronger so we're not going to try to make them stronger just make men weaker because that's the way it supposed to be.

Soy boy to the rescue!

Soy boy to the rescue!

Masculine men are the problem with the human race

Women have no history of violence at all. In fact they are the peacekeepers of the world. Knowing this we know that we must make men more ladylike.

Banning such masculine things like weightlifting, beer, axes, guns, shouting, construction work and more, would be a great start to creating a pure feminine world.

Soy boys are an in integral part of our society. Because they don't do these disgusting things that men do like fix things in the house and get themselves dirty in the process.

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By using such natural treatments as "soy" we decrease testosterone in men and so gradually decrease masculinity. Which is why we promote its health benefits despite it not being very healthy at all.

This is a good start but it's not enough! We need a government mandate for all men to take testosterone blockers and estrogen boosters. This is the only way to truly save the world, to get rid of masculine men completely!

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