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My Favorite Inspirational Movie Speeches to Get Me Through the Year

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I love inspirational speeches!

People watch movies for so many different reasons. Some watch because they want to escape from something. Maybe they want to leave their everyday lives and experience the exotic, exciting lands that are in the movies they watch. Others may watch movies to be thrilled or even scared by Jason Voorhies, Freddy Kruger, or Michael Myers. They watch action movies and horror movies to get the blood pumping.

Yes, I watch certain movies for the same reason. I love a good horror movie now and then. I also watch a good romance flick once in a while. However, the main reason behind why I watch movies is simple: I want to be inspired.

I love inspirational speeches. When I come out of a movie, I want to feel like I can conquer the world, that everything is possible, and that good will win out in the end. When I watch a movie I want to feel mu heart pumping with the excitement of the events on the screen. I want to be crying because of the words of inspiration, admiration and gusto that escape the speaker on screen. I want to feel that "Yes, I can" feeling. Why else would you watch movies? I want the movie to make me laugh. I want to be cheering when it's all over as we watch the underdog hero battle through adversity, through knockdown after knockdown until, eventually, he or she succeeds. Inspirational movies can be can be painful to watch at times but, also, an inspirational film can touch you like no other can.

They are extremely moving, they are uplifting and they inspire the viewer to live life to their full potential. These speeches come out of their character’s moment of strength and out of the wisdom they have gained from their lives.

Speeches have the power to move me emotionally.

I love to write and paint and so much more. I get my inspiration from many places. I've been inspired to paint sunflowers by watching Under The Tuscan Sun. It also taught me that life offers us a thousand chances. All we have to do is take it!

If you know anything about me then you will know that I love the art of communication. I communicate through my writing. I communicate through my paintings. I love reading and I absolutely love speeches. Speeches have the power to move me emotionally and to even change the way I think of life.

I decided to compile some of my favorite inspiring movie speeches.

I have set some very lofty goals for myself this year, not the least of which is running a marathon in December. I'm going to be relying on a lot of people to help me with training and staying motivated, in addition to inspiring me beyond what I think I am capable of. I have written about some wisdom gained about being inspired, in addition to letting go.

There have been many great speeches in movies throughout movie history, some better than others, but this is what I believe to be some of the best movie speeches ever. I do have others, but this article could go on for a long time, if I included them all.

These are some of my favorite....not listed in any particular order.

Good Will Hunting: Park Scene

Good Will Hunting: Park Scene

This is arguably the best monologue in a great movie filled with great monologues, Robin Williams' character Sean Maguire points out the difference between being smart and educated to Will, and earns his trust and respect in the process. It is scenes like this one that won Williams an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

is this a favorite? Ever since I've been diagnosed with lupus, I have heard so much advice about how I should live, what medicines I should take. I've even had my own treatment protocols questioned, as if I don't live in this body, and know what it is doing to me.

Lupus has taught me so much, including relishing each moment of everyday, but I won't get into that here. However, the point I want to get across here is don't "presume to know everything about me because you saw a painting of mine" or you know of a sister's friend first cousin's best friend who had the same illness and decide to "rip my fuckin' life apart." Unless you've walked my journey, you have no idea how it feels, or why I do what I do, or why I live the way I do.

This scene goes to the heart of knowledge. Educate yourself!

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Make each day count!

Make each day count!

Make each day count!

Dead Poets' Society - Seize the Day

The concept of seizing the day and not letting it pass you by continues to inspire me, even though I first watched this movie over 10 years ago.