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Love Behind Quarantine

To the working people in different companies, many of us who were jobless because of business closure, retrenchment, lockdown in different places in the world. The livelihood of the people were very much affected because of the lockdown anywhere . We must pray to our Almighty God to heal the land to end this pandemic soon.


Love behind Quarantine in life of Kellie and Daniel

In the life of Kellie Chavez it is the Covid 19 pandemic bring her life miserable? And give her a life negative effect? Or it give her blessings to find a faithful, honest and loving husband, and at the same time give her a chance to find a job. Kellie Chavez a Filipina woman, who worked since she graduated in college in 1991. She loved to work and she is industrious and thrifty type of woman. She is not too beautiful but she have natural beauty. Her face is younger than her real age of fifty (50) years old. She look like 35 years old. She worked at the law firm of more than ten (10) years, but because of misunderstanding between her and the management she resigned March 15, 2020 at the middle of pandemic.

After a month of being jobless, she decided reside temporarily at her brother's house because she has no budget to rent a dormitory. ”I need to find a job for my daily needs as soon as possible.” She told herself. In the middle of pandemic many places of the country locked down, One day, she received a text message from her lawyer friend said,” Kellie you want to work as legal secretary of my lawyer’s friend?” Yes attorney, she replied immediately. Her lawyer friend gave her the complete details who is the name lawyer, the email address, and the office address. Her application letter send through email because no need to hand in her application letter personally. Immediately, Kellie send her application letter and credentials to the law firm referred by her lawyer’s friend. Right after the law firm received her application letter they reply to her through email also and schedule for interview for the next day.

May 16, 2020 when lockdown end and turn to General Community Quarantine (GCQ). The employees go back to their work. But many other businesses closed because of long lockdown. The interview schedule of Kellie Chavez set on June 22, 2020 at 2’Oclock in the afternoon Philippine time. “What would be my attire in my interview?” Kellie ask herself. “It must be look presentable but not really too much formal attire that looked me like a lawyer too.” Kellie answered her question herself with a smile. So she choose to wear a semi-formal attire comfortable for her, a plain colored sky blue blouse with black pants and black shoes. She did not wear long slaves and slacks that her usually attire when she was working. When she was at the door of the law firm she felt nervous. “Oh my God! please help me, hope I pass the interview and examination. I hope easy question that they give to me” she prayed. She push the buzzer of the door opened. “Good afternoon attorney!” Kellie greet to the female and the gentleman in front of her and she assume this are the lawyers. “Have a seat Miss Kellie Chavez”, the female attorney said. “Thank you Attorney” Kellie replied. After the short interview, the lady lawyer said “You know Ms. Kellie Chavez? Our Secretary resigned last March 15, 2020 when lockdown began because of pandemic. She was afraid of Covid 19. What about you? You don’t afraid of Covid 19? The Lawyer asked. “I am afraid but I always pray for God’s protection”. Kellie replied. After many questions by the lawyers, the lady lawyer told her “So, you will be back on July 1, 2020 as officially started to work with us as our Office Secretary at G & D Law Office. Congratulations and Have a nice day.” The lawyer said. “Thank you so much attorney”, Kellie replied.

July 01, 2020 the official date to start of Kellie Chavez working at G & D Law Office. She knows the law office work because of her experienced of ten (10) years worked at different law offices and no need training to do her job well. Because her brother’s house far distance to her new office, she decided to go back to her old dormitory when she was rent before pandemic.


Quarantine period at the dormitory when kellie and Daniel had chance to know each other thru video chat.

August 23, 2020 Kellie and the whole dormitory was under quarantine because of one occupant found positive of Covid 19 at Room No. 104. All occupants must quarantine for fourteen (14) days and they undergo the swab testing and stay at their respective room. Every their food delivered door to door so that they were not go out. Kellie feel bored, but one day she received the txt message said “Hi Ms. Kellie! I am Daniel from Room 109 occupant I am here beside your room.” The introduction of Daniel through text messages to Kellie. At the time of quarantine face to face communication prohibited”. “Yes correct Daniel, me too feel bored here.” Kellie replied. Kellie sent message to Daniel if she felt bored same as with Daniel until they decided to have video call all the time they talked. Everyday Kellie and Daniel talked each other through video call even though their room near to each other, Daniel Room No. 109 and Kellie Room No. 110. After Seven (7) days the of quarantine period the swab test result arrived and praise God because all results were negative. All dormitory occupants need to complete fourteen (14) days quarantine as a health protocol before the negative result release to them by the City Health Office.

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Everyday Kellie and Daniel video chat to each other until one day Daniel said “Kellie I have something to tell you hope you don’t angry to me.” Why Daniel? What is that? Kellie asked. “Hope you understand because of everyday we’ve chat, I fall in love with you.” Daniel added. “Oh really? Kellie replied with a smile”. Yes Kellie and hope you understand my feelings towards you”. Daniel added. Yes Daniel, I understand with you because I feel the same towards you too.” Kellie answered. What do you mean Kellie? With the excitement Daniel ask again to confirm”. Yes Daniel I love you too”. Kellie answered. Kellie and Daniel become sweet lover during quarantine period. Both of them excited to finish the quarantine period so that they meet personality not only in video chat.

September 15, 2020 when Kellie, Daniel and all occupants of the dormitory finished quarantine and back to work again. First day of back to work Daniel and Kellie had a dinner in the restaurant. While on dinner they talk about the plan on upcoming wedding because they were both matured they can decided their own without presence of both parent. They tell their parent after the plan well done. The date of the wedding day will be on December 15, 2020 and because of the pandemic they decided to have a civil wedding to avoid many visitors. The visitors of the wedding day, only were both parents, sisters and brothers and the sponsors. The wedding well done.

Kellie got married at the age of 50 years old and Daniel at 45 years old at the day of their wedding day because Daniel’s birthday was Dec. 15.


Love will come in unexpected time and place


  1. Don't loss your hope because you don't know what tomorrow come in our way.
  2. Always think there is hope for tomorrow as long as we will alive.
  3. If you don' t have love life today, may be tomorrow or the next day someone come to you.
  4. Trust to our almighty God all the time because he is our promise keeper
  5. Trust and believed to our almighty God because he is the one make impossible things. In matt. 26:19 Jesus looked at them and said "with man this is impossible but with God all things are possible".


Fareeha Daniyal from lahore on May 20, 2021:

No doubt that Covid 19 is the name of terror and death. It mskes everyone scared of death but if we look at positive side i think because of more practical business we all were lacking in our relationships. Because of covid 19 i think we found a bit time for our families for our health and happiness out of this fast going materialistic world.

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