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My Drawbacks

He is an english poet and writer. His book published " Justice of nature and injustice of love available on Amazon.


My drawbacks

My drawbacks


Is here any one ?

Who make of my faults,

Whether I am degree holder,

However, I am unable access to faults,

Please..... call in,


Pay to taunt me,

Rather, I knew error of mine,

Even if, No one has perfection,

Please.... carry out,

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Revealing mine,

That, draw out my flounder,

Don't need me inter into like others, Please.... search in,


Don't hesitate

Reflecting my deficiency,

Whereas, every one deal with,

Please..... try it,


See over my hidden faults,

Let not allows me concealing faults,

Whether, everybody interesting to conceal,

Please.... lay down


Let me allow to explain away,

If, No take me on, through mine research,

Perhaps, I black, dwarf, weak, ignorant,unknown,poor

Please.... sure it,


Don't make a guile,

Alone dig out my drawbacks,

But these by nature not mine mistake, Please.... consider it,


Call down to nature,

Born pleasance people,

Who free from such drawbacks, Please... call down,


Recognise the truth,

Perhaps, due my these drawbacks,

I am still one side lover and celibacy, Please.... justice it.


Hidden Writer from West Bengal, India on April 19, 2021:

Very nice

Balkar singh on April 17, 2021:

Ok sir

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