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My Weightloss Journey Until Now


Hi I’m Rochelle Ann and this is my journey of weightloss during the time of lockdown due to covid. Honestly it wasn’t easy as I was quite lazy and I felt too tired to do any kind of workout. After my double fractured ankle injury, the doctor adviced me to lose weight also my brother is very strict. He told me, if I go through another injury because of my weight, not to expect his support ever again for not listening to his advices and not controlling my food intake.

I have a sweet tooth and if one wants to lose weight then needs to control sweets intake.

I would eat chocolate at least 5 days a week and drink milk twice on everyday. I made some changes in my cravings by the end of 2020.

For a about two months I had one day after another, weightloss detox every evening around 4:30-5:00p.m.

Applecider Vinegar Detox

  1. Apple cider vinegar 1 1/2 tblsp
  2. Honey 1 tblsp
  3. Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
  4. Lemon 1/2
  5. Glass of Hot water

Mix all into a glass of hot water and drink one day after another. I did like this because it is said that too much of apple cider vinegar is not good for the teeth as it would decay. So I was trying to be extremely careful.

Within those two months I lost 2 inches of my belly and 3 inches of my waist. My tummy was 40 inches which went to 37 inches, waist was 38 inches and reduced to 34 inches during 6 months. Every time when my cousin brothers saw me, I got teased as to how many months because of the size of my tummy.

So during the two months period I took an Apple detox before I sleep in the night. I simply cut the apple into small pieces and boiled in with a cinnamon small piece since I didn't have cinnamon powder in a glass of water. Then drank the whole thing. I took this every other day, the day I didn’t intake apple cider vinegar detox.

I was 77.7 kg and by the end of December 2020 I was 66.4 kg. It took me six months to lose weight. I worked out thrice a week only. Mostly managed through my food intake. I just followed an app.

I'm not a fan of legumes and beans, definitely not most of the veggies. So, honestly it felt like a real life changing challenge.

However, during Christmas celebration I ate a lot and went into 68.7kg.

Although I was a bit disappointed the progress felt like an achievement :) My mom gifted me for Christmas with a Fitness Smart Band to motivate me to lose weight and keep a healthy lifestyle :)


My 2nd and 3rd Attempts

During the year of 2021, I tried to lose more weight, but I didn't follow a strict diet or workout routine. But on and off, I tried different workout challenges for fun. I ended up getting sick here and there so I couldn't really lose weight as I ended up eating and too lethargic to workout.

However, with Intermittent Fasting 16:8 , I managed to be 66kg from 68kg. My weight fluctuated between these two amounts. I tried walking 8000 - 10000 steps per day. Some days I barely did 5000 steps. On and off, I did Zumba in order to look great at my sister's wedding day.

As for food, I slowly cut down sweet intake and developed a 'Treat Day'. According to my brother, it's my cheat day. To me, why would I cheat myself? So I have a 'Treat Day' to celebrate my weekly achievements :)

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I took a note of what I intake during the day, so I won't forget. Mostly inorder to remember my medicine intake. Since I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and have a chemical imbalance in my body. So I'm told to intake medicine to normalize that, but the only problem with the medicine is that, my appetite is sometimes twice or thrice amplified that I ends up eating a lot.

Other than that, I had rice and curry for all my main meals. According to my brother I'm a 'Rice Giant' and a 'Rice Pot'. I just tried to reduce my quantity of rice intake per meal. I used to have atleast 3 cups of rice per meal. Slowly managed to reduce to 2 cups of rice per meal and skipped rice for lunch. Even meat intake slowly reduced to twice a week, one meal per day only. It was difficult. Specially when I'm the one who prepares the meals for my family. Temptation is too high. According to my mom, what I was dealing is called 'Gluttony' and according to my brother, it's simply 'Greedy'. In my defense all I can say is that, 'Ability to eat good food is a Blessing from God' and God has blessed me with a 'Rubber Belly' :)

As a Christmas gift from my little sister, I received a body weight scale and a smart band. It felt like she was cheering me on to keep improving my healthy habits :) To me, it was the best Christmas gift I received from my sister :) I was a happy kid :)

4th Attempt 2022

During 2022, I managed to fluctuate between 64kg-66kg. Most of the days rice intake would be 3 cups for the whole day, only on morning and dinner I had rice and curry. This year I did Intermittent fasting 14:10 breakfast by 8.00am, lunch by 12 and dinner before 6p.m. This works only five days of the week though. I noticed that if I don't eat rice and curry for dinner, I would end up getting up for a midnight snack, so for me it's important to eat rice more than anything else for dinner.

Of course I had veggie smoothies thrice a week, Green tea and chamomile tea thrice a week, Honey Ginger tea and Roaseted cocao tea (I love the smell) every other day, lemon or lime tea, Cinnamon and honey tea twice a week. I avoided milk unless my tummy felt a bit spicy and uncomfortable. Oats milk or drinking yoghurt with oats on some days for lunch and chocolate milk once a week. I avoided drinking carbonated drink as much as possible. Of course there were moments that I gave into my temptations when it came to coke and sprite. Tried making fruit juice at home as much as possible and avoided drinking sugar and milk tea. It was hard since I have a strong sweet tooth and addiction to sweet things.

I think this year was all about self- discipline and self- motivation. According to my mom, my efforts to lose weight and be more healthy inspired her to do Zumba daily and make healthy food choices. Now honestly I feel much happy and feels healthy. I plan on losing more weight so I could feel more lighter in my feet.


5th Attempt

In the month of November 2022 I started doing Chloe Ting Shred Workout challenges started as 64.4kg. However, unfortunately I couldn't follow it more than 2 days. I got fever, terrible headache, cough and cold for 3 whole weeks. During the month of December, I fell and injured my back spine and waist that I didn't do any kind of exercise. So from December I started doing Intermittent Fasting 16:8. I had my breakfast around 9:30am and dinner before 5:30 pm. Unless I had to attend a party or dinner, I would skip my lunch but as usual had a small snack instead. So due to that I was able to keep my weight between 63- 64 Kg. However, month of December is the most difficult month to follow healthy eating habits for me. What about you?

Thankfully now my tummy is between 34 - 35 inches and my waist is 29 - 30 inches as it fluctuates between these amounts. Since I'm not well this month due to back spine ache, I decided to lose more weight from January 2023, hopefully go down to 58kg and lose tummy fat as much as possible.

I simply hope and pray that Papa God would be with me during this process as He was with me for two and a half year of weightloss journey. My progress felt a bit more like snail pace process. Along the way, I have developed new healthy habits, time management, to be kind to myself and encourage myself more.

26th December 2022


31st December 2022

Hi, I would like to encourage you with my journey for two and half years,

It wasn't short term, it was simply a slow and steady progress

It wasn't quick, but it was a struggle in changing my lifestyle

To change for the better, to be better and healthy all the while.

I took baby steps, reducing unhealthy ways and increasing new habits

Habits that improved my living, to feel more confident and gave motivations

A night owl who turned into an early bird and improved time management

Healthy eating, improving energy levels, feeling full with encouragement.

I managed to lose 14 kg , eight inches off of my waist and four inches in tummy

Reduced double chin and face fat, timely bowel movements

Managed to kick out Insomnia with workout and dances

A good sleep and a rest to work well next day with chores and projects.

I would say, 2022 is a year of getting the hang of changed lifestyle for better

More energetic to play with kids was the bonus, so cool and better

Reduced sadness and depressive episodes that often held me back

My heart is full of hope as I walk in Jesus' track.

Changed meals to know what I enjoy best

Incorporate with food potion size and health was the test

To an affordable budget with the high price of grocery list

It wasn’t easy, but Papa God helped me to learn from my mistakes first.

I look forward for His grace and guidance, His favour and encouragement

I want to live a life worthy of pleasing Him, from His word gaining nourishment

I want to be closer to Him more than any other and never forget

The goodness, His faithfulness, His fatherly embrace so I never regret.

I thank Papa God for helping me, providing me, guiding me and simply being with me

I thank Him for prompting me to look after the body that He had given me

If you wish to see a change in your life, embrace Papa God, His arms are wide open

He is kind to refresh your tired soul, energizer you with affection.

As you step into the year 2023, I pray Papa God to bless you

Grant you with His favour, good health to your loved ones and you

May you make every effort and celebrate your efforts to be better

More accepting and kind to yourself to gradually be better!

My motivational quotes


© 2023 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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