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My Top 5 Christian Fiction Reads

I am a book nerd, wife, mother, educator and interior designer. I read Christian fiction because I find it uplifting in a world of chaos.

All Time Top 5 From So Many Choices

Ever since I began reading chapter books as a child, I have read Christian fiction as my main genre. Through the years I have reread some. These are of course my favorites. Some are the first book of a series, which ultimately makes my recommendation for the entire series. This to me is a bonus in addition to my top five.

I have read many favorite authors. These books are by authors that have many more books in their writing collection. I highly recommend these authors: Janette Oke, Francine Rivers, Lori Wick, and Terri Blackstock.

Yes, that is only four authors, but I love one author so much that she made it twice on my top five list.

Last Light

Number Five: Last Light by Terri Blackstock

Last Light is the first book in Terri Blackstock's Restoration Series. The series was written from 2005 - 2008. There are four books in this series. This is a Christian fiction with a dystopian feel to it. I love dystopian fiction, so, when I discovered this by Blackstock it was an obvious choice to read.

It is centered around the Branning family that lives in modern times. There is a worldwide disruption to all things electronic or motor related. The story follows the oldest daughter and her struggles. The struggles and life decisions that she makes are shaped by their new reality. God is the defining, persevering thread throughout her decisions.

I love the all encompassing themes of God, not letting us remain content where we are but meeting us where we need Him.

A Voice in the Wind

Number Four: A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers

This book by Francine Rivers is book one of a three part series. The series is The Mark of the Lion. Rivers wrote them from 1993-1995. The entire series is definitely great reads.

It is set in Rome shortly after the time of Jesus Christ's resurrection. It follows a brother, sister and a German soldier.

I was, personally, a little undecided if I wanted to read it since it was set so long ago. I thought it may be boring. I am extremely glad that I went ahead and read it. This book reads like fiction but is so biblically and historically founded you are learning, entertained and uplifted all at the same time.

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Sophie's Heart

Number Three: Sophie's Heart by Lori Wick

This is a stand-alone book by Lori Wick. She wrote it in 1995. She was the second Christian Fiction author that I read many years ago. All of her books are amazing.

This one I have read several times. It is set in modern times. It tells of a well educated immigrant that becomes a nanny for a family grieving the loss of their wife and mother. The book is a Christian, romance novel that weaves God's word throughout the story. It shows how God meets us where we are. God's plans were definitely different than the ones the characters had planned, but it shows that His ways are best.

Redeeming Love

Number Two: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

This book is my second all-time favorite. It was written by Francine Rivers in 1991. It is a stand-alone book. Just recently they made a movie about it as well.

The book is based on the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer. It is set in California during the gold rush era.

The theme of God never giving up on you, of never stopping His love for you, is all powerful throughout the story. This touches hearts that need to feel that extra, pursuing love of God.

Usually, I feel that movies do not do books the justice they deserve. With this one, however, I was very pleasantly surprised with the movie. I love that I read the book first. I recommend both the book and the movie, but in that order. You will not be disappointed.

Love Comes Softly

Number One: Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke

This was the first Christian fiction book I ever read. Since that time I have reread it and the series numerous times. The good news of this series is that it is not only an inspired work of fiction in book form, but also, a movie and television series.

The book is set in the days of pioneers traveling from east coast to west coast to find a life that they only dreamed about. It follows the ups and downs of Marty and Clark. The book touches on dreams, fears, and God being in charge of all things if we and to only trust Him.

This is a first in a series of eight books. The series was written from 1979-1989. It is an oldy but definitely a goody!

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