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Things That I've Learned in My 20s

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Grace has been experiencing the issue and would like to share some of her experiences

Ghosting is painful.

Things that I've learnt in my 20s is that ghosting is quite painful and probably a very hard thing to deal with especially if that person who ghosted you meant something in your heart.

Hello guys. I'm an autistic human being. I'm proud to be autistic. I'm proud to call myself autistic woman.

At a very young age, i always thought that this world is rainbow and cupcakes. I thought that when I'm nice, everyone will like me but that turned out to be wrong.

I can't control my facial expression while controlling my intonation, body language and the words that i use at the same time. I'm also alexythymic.

Most autistic people can't determine the meaning of facial expressions, body languages, intonation and the nuance.

That's why they always display the wrong social signs. I do this all the time. When i was making jokes, people are always offended. I figured it out. It's maybe the words that i've said or maybe I said it the wrong way.

Nevertheless, I can't fix it.

When I meet someone that catches my attention, I'm usually very talkative towards them. I want to know everything about them. They are nice to me at first but it won't last. It can't last.

Many have ghosted me. I have to realized that when I socialize, there will always going to be a chance to get hurt. To get ghosted.

That's why to protect myself from pain, I limit my interaction but oh boy, I love my neurotypicals counterpart. They are so lovely but the moment they get to know me, it's all over.

There is a thousand of possibilities that all the people who have ghosted me could have a wonderful relationship with me but somehow we aren't just fated to be together.

I finally understand that I'm born this way and my brain isn't just for socializing. I accept myself wholeheartedly. I would like to spend the rest of my life, making myself happy because apparently everyone does it to themselves.

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I'm happy to be myself. I'm happy to embrace myself in acceptance. I'm going to keep moving forward.

Second most important thing that I've learnt is that it's okay to block people especially those wishy washy people. They don't deserve a second in my life. It's too precious to be spent on people who don't value me.

I'm going to keep searching for my one true friend. I'll pray and now I'm doing great.

I'm doing great. Loving myself is the key so that I can love another and be loved in return.

Ah! How wonderful it is to be loved by someone you love. Loving someone is not a monthly mortgage. Loving someone is a life sentence imprisonment.

I guess when we love someone, we'll change because we are seeing ourselves in those people. It's like a mirror.

Do you believe that in the universe, we are lost souls who wanders the earth now knowing who we are. We just show what people expect from us or to protect ourselves out of the fear of not being accepted.

But oh! How wonderful it is to see our souls just in a different bodies. We are finally home. We are finally we. We are finally united with ourselves. We are finally in love.

So I guess I've learnt to let go of the people who have ghosted me. I bless them as they leave me when I would never leave them.

They taught me to love myself and I'm so grateful for that. The people who deserve me are still out there and time will guide me to meet them.

I'm happy. I'm finally in love with myself.

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