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My Romantic Rhymes


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.



Yesterday I wrote something very prosaic on a political theme -- and nothing gets more prosaic than that.

I like literary diversity, so even if I cannot be recognizable by changing my tune so much, well, I am before anything else a romantic dude. Madly in love with life, with youthful spirit, with all props of love like moonlight, sunset, flowers, and more than anything, those sweet memories.

I think I'll never settle for that "young at heart", while it suggests that only heart is youthful. The way I see it, when heart is really, truly young, body and mind are young as well. Pretending to be young between two doctor's visits doesn't define it for me, by any stretch of merciful consolation.

After I do some of my daily chores at home and outside -- like, say, wash dishes after dinner, dry them, put them all in their places, I feel so accomplished and proud, that I ask my wife:

"What else do you want me to do for you -- to make you a baby?" -- then we both laugh at this age of 77.

Life is so divine, and the world out there is just as it's supposed to be -- crazy and lovable. For this kind of feeling I don't need any chemical crutches -- a nice song, a little of sunshine -- even rain and snow will do, and my family -- that's all I need.

Our daughter lives on the third floor of this building, our son is on the fourth, and we are in the "penthouse", the top, seventh floor. So we see each other almost daily, hug and kiss, ignoring covid-19 ever since it started, just playing along with the silly routine of masks distancing while outside.

So we laugh, joke, watch movies together, eat, chat -- and never, ever argue, which is against our "family religion" where the only "deity" is love, respect, support, encouragement.

Put on top of it my personal emotional discipline and my exotic practices like kundalini awakening, qigong, bliss-at-will, self-hypnosis, meditation, brain hemispheres synchronizing, and others -- no wonder that I get in these moods when, from time to time, I want to share the romantic side of me in these writings.

For today's expressions of my romantic heart, I prepared two pieces, let's call them poems, and I hope you may like them.

Accepting No More -- Creating Instead

Somewhere buried deep in memory archive

is my acceptance being name of the game

that was like being more asleep than alive

making each new day much of the same.

With no challenge of pursuing a change

acceptance brought no real satisfaction

life became monotonous and strange

this gypsy spirit wanted some action.

Then I gave it a lot, to satiate that craving

at times bit much more than I could chew

but life has ways to forgive that behaving

now each day with something new to do.

I choose, and intend, and pursue with will

using intuition plus this lively imagination

now making of it all quite some little skill

as I'm replacing sameness with creation.

Happiness is not just an unattainable dream

It's more like I'm living it while wide awake

yes, it takes alive fish to move upstream

and high spirit makes it a piece of cake.

It feels so damn good this defying my age

laughing at all statistics, living my youth

made my script, and set up my stage

in love with my own created truth.

Life is enchanting I'd call it divine

so what else can I say not to boast

like living a spirit of matured, old wine

each day like raising glass for a new toast.

Hey, Mister Moon!

Hey, mister Moon, you king of the clear night

you, accomplice in countless sights of love

witness of its poetized magic and delight

winking at young lovers from far above.

Could you still remember my very first kiss

or you shut your eyes not to see my hands

well, it was a puppy love, just innocent bliss

someone of your wisdom surely understands.

But you must remember my wedding night

shining into my room, you, peeping tom, you

pretending to be just some playful angels' kite

sailing along your sky, with nothing better to do.

You made a poet out of so many a lover

that's basking in moonlight as if in a trance

all you are doing there is just smile and hover

hypnotizing couples into that love at first glance.

Hey, mister Moon, before that cloud arrives

I'll be just as happy with that silver lining

that's a consolation in so many lives

when you are just partly shining.

And even when you are somewhere in the hide

I will love all the memories of our shared past

my heart's keeping your image deep inside

along with her lovely face -- forever to last.

© 2021 Val Karas

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