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My Role in the Society

Ian Muiruri is a passionate educator who has been teaching high school for over 3 years. He believes that every student has potential.

Man to woman Gender

Man to woman Gender

What is Gender?

Gender is defined as socially constructed behaviors, identities, expressions, and the roles of men, women, boys, girls, and gender diverse people. Gender dictates how people see themselves and with any other person. Also, how people interact, act, and how resources are distributed in society.

The identity of gender exists along a continuum; hence it can change over time. Different groups and individuals have a diverse understanding and experience in which gender is expressed based on their roles, expectations, and how it is established in society.

My Gender and the Roles Attached to it

I belong to the gender of a man. In this case, this gender is linked to different roles and behaviors that happen in everyday life. For example, the gender of a male is expected to play the most prominent part in the provision and taking care of the family in society. Also, the male gender is identified with masculinity. Thus, the same roles are viewed as hard, such as digging, masonry, carpentry, and security.

Daily Activities

For the activities that I undertake daily, they are all related to and associated with my gender. The society has the doctrines that specifically dictate the behaviors that a male gender should show. In this case, I always take activities that are in line with the dictates. For example, as a male, I showcase both physically and emotionally associated with the male gender. In places where the female are overwhelmed by the surrounding activities, a male gender shows the strength and masculinity. Besides, as male gender, I am expected to behave courageously to the circumstances that may occur in society.

In my everyday life, I belong to the gender that has various forms of impact on how I behave and the roles that I take. First, the male gender dictates that I am supposed to possess the behaviors of a leader. In most circumstances, society would expect that every male gender should have the leadership skills in different levels and positions. It starts from the story of a marriage institution where the gender insists that I provide the right direction in decision-making and lead the family member in the right direction.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are much associated with the male gender as the society embraces the belief in ways such as having most of the leadership positions occupied by the male gender and delegating some duties that see complex and heavy to the male gender. This also impacts on the manner I behave in my daily life by taking up the leadership positions in my surrounding environments such the family issues.

Decision Making

Furthermore, the gender that I belong impacts the decision making in my daily life. This is because gender is associated with the behavior of independence. This suggests that society expects a man to be independent in the things that he takes on daily occasions, such as deciding on matters that affect both society and himself. In this case, this has impacted a lot in my everyday life as I tend to be independent in the way I think, decide, and take a course in implementing the decisions.


Also, the male gender that I belong to has impacted the making me aggressive and a sense to own society's assets. In this case, being a male instills the importance of feeling entitled to the assets and other things that the families possess. The behavior extends to make me work harder, putting more effort to own and be associated with wealth, riches, and material things. If someone tends to oppose my moves, being a male gender makes me feel the need to protect what belongs to me, thus turning aggressive.

Furthermore, assertiveness, which is much associated with male gender, has impacted my daily life activities. For example, I have experienced calmness when the issues that are hurting emerge. I have been able to find solutions without upsetting others or even upsetting myself in the long run.

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Maasai men (they have the responsibilities of protecting their community)

Maasai men (they have the responsibilities of protecting their community)

Being a male in the society, it has been patriarchy that is a social system that the male gender holds significant power and dominating the roles in the political, social arena, and the moral authority. Also, the male gender has been associated with the privileges of having control over the properties. This shows how the male gender has dominated society in different areas. Society has taken it as a norm that inheritance and property ownership are entitled to the male gender leaving the female gender to occupy a limited space.

Society's culture has taken the male gender as the creatures with great roles and authority over the female gender. For example, society hails the male gender's leadership at different levels, such as the political and social environment. In some communities in society, the male gender is required to take up the responsibilities in the religious arena while considering the females as outcasts.

Furthermore, in my society, being a male is a qualification of having associated responsibilities and roles in oneself or society. The male gender is responsible for guiding and guarding society. When key decisions are made in society, the community members may disregard the female gender's opinions but consider male views as a final decision.

Being a male gender means that I need to be responsible over life and the associated activities. In this case, I will be required to get prepared to take care of the family, myself, and society. For example, I am providing food, shelter, and daily necessities. Also, I have to adapt to the behaviors that align with society's expectations, such as seeking leadership positions in society.

I tend to deviate from society's expectations of femininity and masculinity by being a champion of equality in society. Thus, I will embrace the female gender's presence in different positions in society, both in the political and religious arena. This will ensure that the opinion of the female gender is considered while deciding key issues.

Taking gender as a social construct has impacted the kind of choices that I have made in life. For example, I have been keen to fully take responsibility in society, accomplishing the male gender roles. I am thus choosing to take part in matters that affect my life independently. I have also contributed to solution finding mission in the issues that affect the society.

Being a male has influenced how I relate to other people and how I handle issues. For example, when I encountered the financial crisis, I have faced the challenge of courage, taking up any job to cover up the financial crisis. In this case, the male gender suggests that I should take responsibility individually and find the solution independently without interacting with others to seek to assist. In this way, that solution is found based on independent decision making.

I appear to be muscular and robust, experiencing strength as male. For the duties and responsibilities available in society, the male gender outdoes the other factors, such as race and class. I am rewarded for the way I take things inconsiderate of gender in my everyday activity, as I am not limited in a manner that is supposed to do something. The male behaviors are advantageous as able to take the activities with zeal and courage to accomplish.


It is evident from the above discussion that our gender plays a great role in our day to day activities.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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