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My Return to Writing & Why I Left HubPages At All


Getting Back to Writing… Maybe?

Hello my fellow readers!

I know that it’s been quite a number of months since I last wrote anything on HubPages or any of its affiliated sister sites; I’d like to explain a little about why my absence occurred from this network, at least the main reasons why. Last year I wrote an article called Let’s Talk About Separating Art From the Artist, it was by far my biggest, most in-depth, and ambitious article I had ever written up to that point. To be honest, I was quite proud of my work and was excited to share it with the world. HubPages seemed to somewhat disagree. After a few days, typically my articles go straight to their sister site, ReelRundown; basically this is where the majority of my views come from. Not this time. After waiting for I think a week or two to find no progress on the matter, I applied for my article to be submitted to ReelRundown. Again, I found myself waiting for quite some time.

Finally, after weeks of waiting for an answer, I was greeted to a message that left me… less than pleased. I will share a screenshot of what they replied back to me below, as well as my response that was unable to go through because I was replying to a robotic email with no return address. Just in case the image becomes corrupted in the future, I will simply write out the entire email here.

The Email from HubPages Regarding My Submission to ReelRundown & My Pointless Reply

HubPages Response to My Submission to ReelRundown. The word "HubPages" is highlighted because I had to put a search into my email in order to find these messages again lol

HubPages Response to My Submission to ReelRundown. The word "HubPages" is highlighted because I had to put a search into my email in order to find these messages again lol

My reply that could not go through as I was responding to an unattended email address.

My reply that could not go through as I was responding to an unattended email address.

HubPages Response to My Submission:

Hi John Plocar,

Thank you for submitting your article, Let's Talk About... Separating Art From the Artist: A Controversial Look Into the Past & Future of Hollywood, for consideration on ReelRundown. In order for articles to be eligible to move to ReelRundown, a HubPages Network Site, they must meet our quality standards. Network Sites are subject-specific channels where the highest-quality articles live. Writing an eligible article is a huge accomplishment, and you’re on your way there!

We have identified a few issues that need to be addressed before your article can be considered. We ask that you address the issues below and then submit your article for reconsideration. When you have made the requested changes, simply visit the live article and click the “submit to a HubPages Network Site” button above your article’s title to begin the submission process.

The Editor who reviewed your article suggests that you address the following issues:

  • Relatable Content:

Your article might be deeply valuable to you, your friends, or your family, but not be written in a way that is useful or accessible to a wider audience.

If you need more help, or would just like to get some additional opinions and perspectives, we invite you to post in the “Improving Your Article Forum”.

The HubPages Editing Team

That was by far the most insulted I have ever felt by an email. Not only does it come across as rude to me that I clearly putting in weeks of hard work and effort to be then told, “it might be valuable to you and your friends, but no one else,” it is also quite vague as a critique in how to actually “improve” my article. Seriously, how does one even adapt their own writing to such an obscure and directionless criticism that I’ve been given here?

If it were clearer as to what needed to be changed, I would have gladly changed it. As I have done multiple times before when it comes to my articles be submitted to ReelRundown. Instead, I’m given literally nothing to work with here and no way to “save” my article from falling into obscurity. Doesn’t help matters that there was, at least at the time, no way of responding to the criticism or getting a hold of the HubPages Editing team in order to further investigate the dispute. When I tried making any sort of contact, this was the result.

My Email to HubPages:

Hello HubPages Team,

My name is John Plocar, I am a writer on HubPages and have recently come across an issue regarding one of my articles not being submitted onto ReelRundown. I was given a short review of the issues keeping my article from being submitted onto the site which says, "Your article might be deeply valuable to you, your friends, or your family, but not be written in a way that is useful or accessible to a wider audience."

I find this response to be rather vague and also somewhat condescending, so I am hoping to get in touch with the HubPages Editing Team in order to better understand where the issues lie within my writing so I can decide how to proceed on this matter. With the limited information provided, I have no idea how to rectify the problems. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon!


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John Plocar

HubPages Response:

Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback on our messaging. Can you please tell me the title of the article in question so that I can better assist you?



Team HubPages

My Final Response:

Hey Raneem!

My article in question is titled “Let’s Talk About… Separating Art From the Artist: A Controversial Look Into the Past & Future of Hollywood”

Just in case I’ll also include a link directly to the article if that may better help.

Let's Talk About... Separating Art From the Artist: A Controversial Look Into the Past & Future of Hollywood - HubPages

Thank you,


Am I Wrong?

That was the last time I heard anything on the subject from HubPages or anyone after my last email. As you can see, I wasn’t trying to raise hell or cause any problems. I was as polite and respectful as I could possibly be in the situation, only to be given a silent “f*ck you.” After my attempts were thwarted to save my article, I felt betrayed by HubPages and somewhat unfairly censored. Yes, I understand that this is such a petty and pathetic excuse of middleclass problems as there are far more harsh examples of censorship that go on in the world. Am I being overly sensitive about this issue? Most likely. I won’t argue that. Yet it doesn’t make me feel any better that I put in so much hard work and dedication to an article I believe to be objective, insightful, entertaining, fair, engaging, and simply well written only to have it die a horrible death because HubPages deemed it so.

I know that sounds like I am up my own ass claiming these qualms, but I suffer from a major lack of self-esteem and confidence yet I still feel like this is an article worthy of more readers and more conversations about these matters to be provoked. These were hard questions I tried asking in order to find some sort of answers to with extreme difficulty. This article mattered to me. Film matters to me. I wanted to truly dive deep into film, cast and crews, the studios, the whole movie making business and the audience perceptions of it all. Whether be it negative or positive, I wanted to bring perspective to a dark and almost misunderstood subject when it comes to filmmaking and whether or not we should separate art from the artists in our mind. I believe I accomplished that to the best of my abilities.

Now, that all being said, did I think this article was going to be for everyone? No. Definitely not. It touches on a lot of sensitive and controversial topics in a relatively objective manner. While I am not the first writer on HubPages/ReelRundown to feature such touchy topics, I may have been one of the few to attempt shedding a fair and objective light on the discussions at hand. Most people don’t like objectivity when it comes to some of these subjects and simply want to read a vicious hit piece on these Hollywood personas without any other insight. To provide strictly a black and white image with no gray areas whatsoever. I, on the other hand, attempted to introduce a few of those gray areas in my writing and investigation. While I don’t think I was ever all that vicious to anyone in particular in my article, I also wasn’t exactly nice either as I made sure to rip into a few select celebrities along the way. I just tried to be fair. Something I don’t think HubPages was all that fond of about my article.

Maybe I’m wrong as to why they rejected my article from meeting a wider audience. Maybe the article was too long. Maybe there were a lot of grammatical and spelling issues I missed. Maybe the structure of my article’s display was off. Maybe the pictures were bad. If only I was told about any of those possibilities in the email they sent me. All I’ve got to go off of is, “not written in a way that is useful or accessible to a wider audience.” Which comes across to me as, maybe I shouldn’t have written the article at all.

To the HubPages Team

I’m sure me writing this article is more than likely digging my own grave and will be met with some form of punishment. Instead of starting any sort of conflict here, I’d much rather find a resolve. I invite anyone from the HubPages team to discuss with me as to where the issues lie and if I am wrong feeling the way I do about the events that have transpired from all this. I’m not here to elicit a war, I want to bring peace. Right now, I’m not at peace with what happened or how I felt somewhat slighted. Hopefully this will inspire someone from the team to talk with me more on these troubles I have.

I do want to say that I appreciate being given this format you have provided us to write on, I know that without it I wouldn’t have had an outlet to post movie reviews on for the 2+ years I wrote for this website. I would definitely love to return to HubPages again to continue my writing, but not before these problems I have brought up are at least acknowledged and hopefully rectified. I apologize for making this a public matter now, but seeing how I can’t get a hold of anyone on the team privately without being dismissed immediately, I am left with no choice but to bring it up here. Thank you for your time.

That’s All Folks

Anyways, thank you all for reading this. I wasn’t exactly planning on ever writing this article, it honestly came out of nowhere as I realized that I missed writing and wanted to get back to it. But couldn’t without touching on why I was discouraged in the first place. Apologies for my “return” to writing being so serious and slightly grim. Fingers crossed that my next article, if there is a *next* article, will be much more light and jovial.

What did you think of my return to writing? Do you think I have legitimate points here as to why I feel something is wrong about this whole situation or am I being a tad too sensitive and need to move on? Comment down below and let me know! Thanks again for reading and have yourselves a good day.

What Do We Think?

© 2022 John Plocar

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