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Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


It's a Rapidly Changing World

Let's face it folks, we are living in some rapidly changing times.

At this age of 77 I find it hard to believe that I spent my early childhood seeing horses and carts on the road while living in a city; with hardly any household having an electric stove, and a turntable with those vinyl disks that felt like a musical invention of the century.

Comparing it all with these modern times makes me feel like a human equivalent to a dinosaur born in Jurassic Park. Indeed, some significant changes that in the past would have taken decades to happen, now appear almost like out of the thin air overnight.

So, there is little to be surprised when we see on You tube some prominent members of science community in videos under titles like "Everything That You Have Been Taught Is a Lie."

As an incurably chronic out-of-box thinker I never miss any of such, usually lengthy and eye opening, presentations. Had they been done by any "ordinary view-hunting schnook", I wouldn't have read them beyond the title; but those are the avant garde voices coming from the future, highly educated and brave enough to make some waves in the world of science.

And then, there is always a negative reaction to be expected. Like, we know that the all-powerful Catholic church will try to suppress anything that questions the real existence of historical Jesus.

And the whole army of Darwinists will ridicule anything pointing at an extraterrestrial origin of man, even after our human genome is showing that it couldn't be evolved naturally, but had to be engineered, and I think it had something to do with the number of chromosomes.

These are certainly themes which give me goosebumps. Am I aimlessly drifting in some unexplored territory by estranging myself from the existing paradigm? Well, my intuition is telling me that I am not, and just because something is by a general consensus proclaimed to be true, doesn't make it necessarily so. There was a time what it was a consensus belief that our planet was flat.

And so much in our culture market seems like equally not worth buying, so it also reflects in my writing which is mostly controversial, challenging to the mind, albeit at times seemingly "too far from the box".


Tell Them What They Want to Hear

From a strictly practical point of view, writing like this -- especially at this Hub Pages Network -- seems counterproductive, since people evidently don't want us to write something that may be contrary to their core beliefs.

So, if you tell them how in your dream you encountered an angel from above, they are bound to like the story; but not the one about angels being merely a figment of people's imagination.

As for those deeply into politics, don't tell them that their political guru is nothing but a power-hungry careerist who doesn't give a rat's ass about their interests. Tell them that with him in power, their prosperity will reach a new high.

And don't write about this new wave of so called progressive medicine which makes obsolete the "regular" allopathic guesswork. Tell them to completely and unconditionally trust their doctor with their lives.

But, if anything, don't dare to try pry-opening their eyes about their own responsibility for the state of their health and happiness with their beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions. Tell them to get all health from bottles, meaning meds and supplements.

You see what I mean?

Don't make waves if you want to be liked as a writer. Quite obviously, I am not following that recipe towards popularity, and at times it feels like my pieces are monologues, with no one out there to read past the title. I don't mind, it feels good arranging my thoughts into these literary forms. The feeling also gets further enhanced by awareness that I am moving with the time, not living in the mankind's past.

These times are marked with something like a "healing crisis" -- with the old not left yet, and the new not set in yet either.

Distrust for political, religious, and medical authorities is growing rapidly. In some European countries religion does not exist anymore. Interestingly enough, those are also the places where, these days of a pandemic going on, people's awakened spirit is defying the draconic rules coming from the World Health Organization -- with implemented masks, social distances, and lockdowns.

In many cities throughout Europe, as well as here in Canada, people are massively protesting each weekend, carrying banners reading: "Freedom", "No Communism", "No Vaccine Passports", "Put Politicians on Minimum Wages for Not Doing Their Job"...and alike. And none are wearing masks, none are keeping a distance, some also carrying mask-less babies. So deep is their conviction that something about this pandemic is a b.s. deal.

It won't take long before all humanity realizes how massive fearmongering has killed more people than virus on its own ever would -- as it heavily affected the immune system which is the only true protection that we have. Not vaccines, but a fully functioning immune system encouraged by normal life which has been denied to us.

It's tragic that all that medical elite at the top doesn't put in the equation of human health this factor of a forceful fear. Vaccines may work for a while, then what? A new virus, new lockdowns, new vaccines? -- instead of smiles on naked faces, hugs, social functions and normal economy to boost our natural immunity.

According to some top voices in virology, our immunity is non-specific, meaning that it can fight any version of a microbe; whereas vaccines are specific, targeting only certain strains -- while overshadowing the functioning of natural immunity. Allegedly, new variants, immune to the vaccine can develop within 10 hours after facing vaccine -- then what?

There was in the past this well organized event with a huge group of meditators meditating at the same time, while scattered over a big city in America. Results? Remarkably less crime, less medical emergency cases, less family violence during the whole day of that event.

To all those who know something about subtle energies and how they spread around from a source of same frequencies, like it happened during that collective meditation event -- this massive fearmongering effect is telling a sad story of science not really being science in this pandemic.

Something to think about the next time when we hear those authorities prompting us to "believe in what science is recommending".


Snapping Out of All Grand Illusions -- I

Indeed, folks, not everything that may sound like "New Age crap " is New Age crap, and not everything that sounds like hard science is hard science. There is something like New Edge (not new "age") medicine which respects our entirety of human beings, not only our bio-chemical, pathetically reduced aspect whose essence is supposed to be detectable under microscope.

We are so much more than medical patients, political voters, and religious sheep.

And then I write about all that. Shamelessly presenting the mainstream thought as a dogma that has to go together with the history that it shamelessly produced. From time to time, I may be caught writing something "nice", other than my controversial satires -- and then people praise it, calling it "the other side of me".

But hey, guys, there is no "other side of me", I am just going playful with some literary excursions into that field of comfort zone -- which I will disturb already in the next piece with an "uncomfortable crap".

And yes, I am frequently using these words like "crap", "ass", "bastard", just to give a proper literary spice to my defying the conventional beliefs. And I know, there are many who misread me, seeing a literary jerk behind all my many satires -- maybe even me as a personality.

I laugh inside at that thought, for if they saw me, they would be looking at a monk-like calmness, with a tattoo-like Mona Lisa smile that hardly leaves my face. I am not in any conflict, with myself or with others, and the tone of my controversial pieces is one of calm "diagnosing", not "hating".

I love change, and so I love when I read works of certain prominent scholars, scientists, and global lecturers who dare to go against the grain of the paradigm.

This mankind, in order to evolve consciously, has to grow out of the swamps of historical dogmas and animalism. We have to find courage to see monarchies for what they are -- not enveloped in some glorious aura, but ones that got rich by colonizing, killing and stealing, which in courtrooms goes under the name of "criminal activities".

There was that anecdote about Alexander the Great capturing a pirate, and asking him: "With what right do you attack and rob ships of the world seas?" -- Upon which the brave pirate replied: "With the same right that you do; but I, who am doing it with one vessel, am called a pirate, and you, doing it with a whole armada are called an emperor".

The story ends with Alex the Great being so pleased with that answer that he let the sea bandit go.


Snapping Out of All Grand Illusions -- II

Then, we also have to grow out of our global supremacy illusion, since there are other biggies around this planet who are defying that status. If we call ourselves leader of the free world, we keep forgetting that in a free political environment leaders get elected, not self imposed, and it's hard to remember when the world elected us for that position.

Even less did that "free world" hire anybody to be the world's policeman and send its troops to do some killing, deciding who may be a friend with whom -- if they don't want to be sanctioned, and with whom they may do business.

I don't know about you, but I can only see arrogance there -- nothing of that much propagated "free world".

Let's also wake up about our doctors from seeing them as some "deities of undisputable knowledge", as they keep "practicing", oftentimes guessing and experimenting, and in that process killing only in the United States of America over 350,000 people each year.

Maybe we could also take a hard look at so called "democracy", which is only a tranquilizing ideology for the masses, while both, Republicans and Democrats are merely of one and the same -- Business Party -- according to the famed scholar Noam Chomsky.

And let's see "god", not made in our own image with human characteristics where he "sees, judges, smiles", even "loves" -- an old bearded dude in religious literature. Rather, let's see instead an unfathomable universal intelligence and principle of all creation that created all worlds -- Newtonian, quantum, and possibly some other dimensions of reality.

Whatever we chose to call a deity, it provided all the laws, and it's up to us if we will use those laws for advancing ourselves or for making ourselves go extinct. "He" is not our "father", he made it possible that a horny dude contributes to making a baby and so becomes a "father". Which also strips that priest of his title of a "father", unless he also fathered some babies in a horny coproduction with a woman.

So, let's snap out of those medieval myths and deserve to be called Homo Sapiens (thinking man) instead of a Homo Somnius (dreaming man).

Judging by the tenets of the new thought, those future, more advanced generations will become fully conscious of their responsibility to use, not abuse their powerful minds -- for healing, for harmony, and cooperation instead of competition, and for prosperity of all -- which will be the end of politics as we know it these days.

Future generations will believe in, what I half-jokingly expressed as a "chemist in our body" which -- according to our dominant beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and emotions -- can make a vitamin out of crap, and a crap out of vitamin. Yes, we will be primarily spiritual, energy beings, not anymore a bunch of molecules clamped together into a fragile biological machine.

I know, "now I am also trying to sound prophetic". Well, take it or leave it -- it's a free world.

And, by all means, don't forget to dislike it enough -- since those best medicines are the bitter ones, so they say.

© 2021 Val Karas


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 18, 2021:


Thinking out of the box is what I so love about your articles.

They can make people stop and think. Me included.

I so wish we would learn to use that inner part of us to help us heal...from everything and get along with other human beings.

We all have our own ideas and no one is ever perfectly correct.

What is the answer?

I have a tendency to just say whatever is on my mind. I'm sure it's lead to more than a few dislikes.

I do realize others have different opinions, but I usually don't stop to think before my words come tumbling out.

We live in a free world that doesn't seem so free right now.

I often wish I had no health aliment to worry about...well actually I don't worry....it pushes me to live my life on even a grandeur scale.

Great thoughts as usual...keep making us think.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 18, 2021:

Cool coincidence, Val. It must have been meant to be that we were thinking of each other or reading one another’s work simultaneously. As Carl Jung would call it “synchronicity”...but maybe that’s pushing it lol. Another famous man once said “You can’t judge a writer by their readers”...or maybe that was just me. I may be confused with “..book by it’s cover.”

You may not get the volume of comments that I do but the ones you do get are usually substantial in content and invoke further discussion. Most of mine, though valued, don’t exactly fall into that category.

Val Karas (author) from Canada on May 18, 2021:

John, my old buddy -- Not used to receiving so much praise, I am still recovering from it, while thinking in vain how to say thanks in an adequate way.

Well, you know that I appreciate it a lot, so my efforts stop right here.

But there is a coincidence worth mentioning.

I had just finished reading your poems about "Loving Thy Neighbor as Loving Thyself", and "Motorcycling", with that whole list of admiring readers which, as always, made me envious -- when I found your comment here, while intending to fish for some spelling mistakes in this hub. (That's what I usually do, and I regularly find new overlooked mistake or two).

So, we were reading each other's piece at the same time.

Well, I have no literary ambitions to make a book about any of my observations. I don't even know when "the-future-me" will terminate my writing at HP. Just living in this now with "this mind", and then whatever tomorrow may bring -- that "new mind" will deal with it in its own way.

Thanks again, John, you really know how to make an old fart satisfied with his work.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 18, 2021:

Val, I applaud you for trying to shine a light in this world and get through the thick fog that many have trouble seeing through. You can never be accused of not thinking outside the box. Please please please have all of these “controversial” articles publish as a book or written somewhere for posterity, so people in the future can look back and see how right you were and if you are still around you can proudly say “I told you so.” Of course it would better if they would take note and wake up right now, but knowing people....well...

I love the story about Alexander the Great and the pirate. So true. Take care my friend.

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