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My Little Paradise - a Poem

This is a little poem about my garden that I wrote one day when I was enjoying a nice sunny day at my garden.

My little Paradise

One bright Monday morning,

Sun brightly shining, birds tweeting,

Bushes swaying where the nice breeze flowing.

Flowers blooming, potatoes and tomatoes growing

Can't wait to harvest, cook and eat them.

Poppies bursting with different flowers blooming.

Lots of goings on in my little garden,

In my own little paradise.

Roses doing well, Californian poppies blooming as well

Strawberries growing with fruits ready for harvesting.

Pak choi flowering for next year's planting

My beautiful daisies and lilies bursting with lovely flowers as well

I couldn't ask for more than a nice little paradise like this.

Just a place to chill out and relax when I am at home,

away from work and everything.

In my own little paradise

Love to hear the birds singing

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The seagulls flying here and there

The blackbirds singing and the crows squawking

The pigeons come and visit now and then

How I love those lovely nature visitors

that come and go for quick visiting

The apple, the pear and the plum trees swaying

in my own little paradise.

The bees are buzzing, butterflies keep flying

The weeds need weeding, the grass need cutting,

The plants are growing and the seeds need planting

Oh, how I love working in my little garden

Full of home grown fruits and vegetables

That I enjoy harvesting and eating

How wonderful it is to have a place you can call your own

In my own little paradise.

At the end of a long 13 hour shift working and caring,

All I want to do is seat and enjoy the beauty of my little garden

the pretty flowers that have endless blooms

my home-grown organic fruits and vegetables

that I needed everyday to be healthy, fit and strong

Are all I needed to fight those nasty bugs and viruses

the likes of flu and Covid-19 virus spreading fast

across the world and everywhere

Oh! how I feel safe and worry free

In my own little paradise.

Now it's winter and very damp

All I can see are my fruit trees without a branch

All leaves out and looking sad

But fear not, its leaves will soon sprout

As the winter goes and spring arrives

Hope is there yet to come as the Covid-19 year ends

And the New year comes with hope

Hope to see new life begins at home

in my little paradise.

Photos from my little Paradise

Fiery Crocosmia

Fiery Crocosmia

Vietnam roses

Vietnam roses

Lovely daisies

Lovely daisies

Tomato plant and  climbing beans

Tomato plant and climbing beans

Oriental lilies

Oriental lilies

The pink poppies

The pink poppies

My organic beans

My organic beans

White Chrysanthemums

White Chrysanthemums

My apple tree with fruits

My apple tree with fruits

The flying birds

The flying birds

My daffodils

My daffodils

Me and my oriental lilies

Me and my oriental lilies

My strawberries

My strawberries

My pink peonies

My pink peonies

My very own oriental lilies

My very own oriental lilies

My own organic potatoes

My own organic potatoes

My little Eden, My little Paradise

Just wrote this when I was on my day off from work one day. I just feel so at peace and relaxed when I am in my little back garden which I call my little paradise. Just pottering about and seeing to my plants, vegetables and flowers makes me happy and content. It is nice to have somewhere to chill out after work.

It is just nice to have that little space to sit down and relax. To enjoy the nature around us and smell the flowers scents, watch the flying birds, the beautiful butterflies, gaze at the beautiful blue skies, watch even the crawling ants who are hard at work and also enjoy the beauty around us because in this covid-19 era, we don't know how long we got on this place called earth. Sorry I am not being sad because of this nasty virus but I am just being practical and being real. It is always good to be prepared because tomorrow might not come for so many of us. This is real life and we just have to take one day at a time.

My little Paradise

My Little Paradise

My own little Paradise Video

Paradise Gardens

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© 2013 Linda Bryen

My little paradise

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on June 10, 2018:

Thank you once again Le-Jen Hew for your lovely comment. I am not a poet really, I just made it up. Ha ,ha just for that moment. I just love gardening and sharing my vegetables.

Li-Jen Hew on June 10, 2018:

Hey Linda. You are yourself and that's what I enjoy about the poem. Your poem shows how loving you are towards your garden and the close bond both of you have. Haha. It really takes us into your head and your garden! :) Nice. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on February 08, 2015:

Thank you Jodah, I am not a true poet like you. You write lovely poems, I just had a go to see if I can actually write one. It is one moment of madness for me.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on February 07, 2015:

Hi Linda, thanks for following me. I love the beautiful description of your little paradise in your poem and for photos prove what a lovely garden you have. Thank you for sharing. Voted up.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on February 03, 2015:

Thank you Laurie for your kind comment and for liking my hub. I just have to write how I felt that day.

Rayne123 on February 03, 2015:

I really love how you incorporated your gardening into a poem. How great is that. Yes so peaceful and serene to be in a garden.

I love to watch the big snowflakes fall as well. This also is gives a wonderful feeling inside.

Thank you for the great words


Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on January 21, 2015:

Thanks once again Maureen, I am fine thank you. I found another site where I keep busy posting at the moment. I must have a look at your new post. I haven't seen it yet.

travmaj from australia on January 21, 2015:

hi back Linda - I commented on you 'growing beans ' story too. I've written a recent hub on a London park , not sure if notifications were spot on. Like you, I'm not writing much but hope too. Hope you are well. I enjoy your garden. Cheers...

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on January 20, 2015:

Hi! Maureen, I missed you, where have you been? How are you? Mind you, I haven't been writing more hubs to be fair. I can't seem to find any ideas anymore. But I visit my page whenever I can.

travmaj from australia on January 20, 2015:

Back again, love this Linda - visiting your garden is so relaxing. I can feel your happiness and enthusiasm. Thank you again, Cheers...

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on December 12, 2014:

Thank you Georgeta for your comment.

Georgeta Popoiu from MARASESTI on December 11, 2014:

Ve nice ! Thank you !

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on September 06, 2014:

CrisSp, thank you for your lovely comment. It is where I escape for peace and quite now and again or just somewhere to relax.

CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on September 05, 2014:

Your little garden is indeed rich! I'd be happy too seeing those beauties! :)

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on June 14, 2014:

You are welcome travmaj, thank you once again for your lovely comment.

travmaj from australia on June 13, 2014:

This is beautiful, I feel your love for your garden and all the plants and visiting birds. The photo's are lovely. Thank you for sharing your own Paradise. Up and sharing.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on June 13, 2014:

Thank you Dana for your lovely comment. I am sure you will have your own paradise, you just have to make one.

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on June 13, 2014:

Nice poem. I wish I had a little place to call my paradise.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on May 21, 2014:

Thank you Glenn, for your lovely comment.

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on May 21, 2014:

Your poem gives the reader the ability to feel like they are there in your garden with you, helping you with the planting. Very realistic and creative. Nice pictures, too. You have a nice little paradise there.

Linda Bryen (author) from United Kingdom on August 15, 2013:

Thank you Vinaya for your kind comment. I have never written a poem before so this is my first one. I want to read more of yours because I think you are a born poet.

Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on August 14, 2013:

Your pictures are poems, and your poem is a collection of beautiful word pictures.

PS:Thanks for reading and commenting on my poem.


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