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My Life and How I Grew Over the Years

I am just a guy trying to make it during these times, I get by trying to do surveys and reviews. I will share with you a look into my life

Just a picture of my face.

Just a picture of my face.

My Life Through The Years.

I'll start with my own history and when I first began writing in high school. I attended Newport High School in Newport, Kentucky. Writing was the first thing I learned in English class. I discovered that I have a knack for poetry and non-friction writing. My English teacher encouraged me to write more than I did since she saw that I had good writing skills. I quickly discovered that writing was a great way for me to unwind.

My first poetry was published in the school newspaper, which was overseen by my English instructor. She was in charge of a newspaper that had 8 or 9 other students contributing pieces. She also wanted me to contribute to the school newspaper, but I told her that my mother would not allow me to stay after school to do so. So she tried to persuade my mother to let me write for the school newspaper, which my mother flatly denied.

So it was determined that if I wrote poetry, I would give it to her or one of the other students who contributed to the school newspaper. Which I did; my poetry was a tremendous hit with the high school girl students; they adore it. However, it had made me a target for the male students at the school. But it didn't matter to me that they singled me out; for the first time in my high school, I had the attention of the girls. Furthermore, they would make it difficult for any male students who picked on or bullied me.

During noon, the lunch table where I sat became a hotspot for girls who wanted to meet up with me. They would sit at my table, eager to converse with me. Alternatively, to persuade me to sign the poetry section of the school newspaper, which contained my poems. The male students were enraged, but they didn't dare to intervene. I like how the girl's students pay particular attention to her. Everything appears to be falling into place, but my mother forbade me from dating. As a result, I missed out on that during my senior year of high school.

I felt like an outsider throughout my high school years because I couldn't date any of the girls' classmates. I yearned for a love life so intensely that it tore at my soul. But it wasn't meant to be, because the girl's student knew that my mother and stepfather would not allow me to date during my school year. During my school years, though, it made me feel like an outcast.

I had written almost a hundred poems by the time I graduated from high school. They were also mushy love poems in which I expressed my desire to be able to live a regular life, in which I wished I could date a high school girl's student. They made me popular among the girls' classmates. Because I couldn't date them, they did their best to make me feel involved in their lives as well. However, there was still an empty gap in my life because I couldn't date them.

This concludes this section of the caspule; there will be more about my life after high school in subsequent capsules, and I will continue to write this article. But I'd like to keep it broken up so that my readers can come back and read it on a different day. And if you have read my entire article, I appreciate it very much because I know it was quite lengthy. Then it's on to the next capsule.

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So what do you think of my article so far?

A photo of Socks, my dearly deceased pet. She's been gone for a long time. I'm not sure when she died or on what day she died.

A photo of Socks, my dearly deceased pet. She's been gone for a long time. I'm not sure when she died or on what day she died.

After high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.

After 1988, my student days were finished, and I was free to leave my home, which had become a prison to me. I didn't waste any time hunting for work. My first work was at a steakhouse called Bonaza, and at this time, my mother and stepfather had moved to a place called Foster, which was still in Kentucky. It was just 27 miles from Newport, Kentucky, and I didn't have a car yet, so I had to walk wherever I wanted to go, including to work at the steakhouse. In 1988, I got my first car from my real father, who had recently bought a new car and handed me his old one.

The independence of having a car was wonderful, and it allowed me to explore new job opportunities. After that, I had two jobs: the steakhouse and the riverfront stadium in Ohio. I've established myself as a worker in the workforce, doing two jobs. My parents were in the midst of selling the property I was staying in at the time, so I needed the extra employment. And moving to Foster, Kentucky, was out of the question because I didn't want to feel like a prisoner by living with my parents again. So I set aside $1,000 to get my own apartment.

I try to date several of my high school girlfriends, but they've all married or already have boyfriends. So, once again, I felt like an outcast, so I poured myself into working and trying to make ends meet. I didn't have access to a computer at this point, so I couldn't continue writing. Working two jobs made it simple to save money; I was usually weary, but at least I had a lot of money to spend. However, I felt completely alone. And I didn't know how to socialize because I didn't have the opportunity during my high school years.

By this time, I was working two jobs to supplement my income. So I spruced up my apartment to make it appealing to any female visitors I might have. But I couldn't think of a way to start a conversation with any girl. As a result, the girls that I had been dating at work began to visit me at home to hang out and drink with me. By this point, I'd turned into a stoner. I'd share a smoking and a drink with them. It was wonderful, and I was able to break the silence barrier with the females.

I had a lot of girls hanging out with me, but I only dated a few of them because I was still shy and didn't know how to talk to a lot of them. While smoking with them, I was able to rekindle my creativity in my writing. My mind began to fill with ideas. Finally, the girls were taking notice to my poems. With them, my poetry was cracking the ice. Because of my poems, I've gotten more dates with girls. I felt better when I started having more dates with them; at this point, I had quit my job at the riverside stadium to pursue a love life.

And that's everything for this capsule as well; I'll add another capsule to it later. But I'm going to go ahead and post this piece so you may read it if you want to. Keep in mind that this is from 1988 to 1991. And, since it is now 2022, I am continually adding to this article. So, if you're interested in learning more about my life, check it out from time to time. I'll add more to it later, but for now, please read about my life.

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Another picture of Socky, She got a lick in on me.

Another picture of Socky, She got a lick in on me.

It's 1991, and I'm still employed at Bonanza Steakhouse.

In 1991, one of my guy's Bonanza friends moved in with me to share the rent. The landlord was paying the gas, electric, water, and sanitation bills at the time. The only bills I had to pay were my phone and auto insurance payments. So my friend and I shared the phone cost because he was also using the phone. Life was fantastic since it allowed me to save more money with my roommate. We started going to night clubs in the hopes of meeting girls there.

When we went to the nightclubs, we didn't meet any girls; most of the girls were there to have a good time and get the boys to buy them drinks. We weren't very adept at dating girls, but we had a fantastic time talking to them. And because my roommate and I divided the bills, we both had a lot of money to spend. By this time, the Warehouse had become our go-to nightclub. All of the females were quite pleasant to us, and we had a lovely time conversing with them.

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The year 1991 had come and gone, and the year 1992 had arrived. My roommate had gone to work at Nielsen, a printing company, by this time. He was sent there on a temporary basis by CBS. And I went to work at Perkins, hoping to improve my situation by finding a higher-paying position. By this time, my roommate was making a decent living, and I was still working at Perkins until my hours were reduced. My roommate then persuaded me to go to CBS and apply for a job at the place where he worked.It also turned out to be a fantastic place to work at the time. I worked there for two or three years as a temp before being hired on through Neilsen, but I'd be skipping ahead of time if I told you too much about that, and this is still 1992, so I'll stick with 1992. And this is it for tonight my bed is calling out to me now.

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Socks is receiving a checkup at the vet, and she's getting her nails cut. She was given her namesake because she appears to be wearing socks on her feet.

Socks is receiving a checkup at the vet, and she's getting her nails cut. She was given her namesake because she appears to be wearing socks on her feet.

It's 1992 and I have just begun to work at Nielsen printing.

It's October 1992, and I've just started working as a temp at Nielsen Printing, and I'm loving it. My job is also quite easy for me, and the money is excellent. So far, everyone has been quite polite to me. I arrived at the company just before overtime began, so I am now working a lot of overtime. It's as if you're working two jobs. I enjoy working overtime and double time, and I am earning a lot of money. I just ended my first day of work and realized that I was going to make a lot of money. I calculated the overtime and double time using my calculator.

My roommate and I are riding back to our apartment after our shift ended. My roommate inquired as to what I intend to do with all of the extra money I will be earning now. And I respond with one of the first things I'm going to get. Is a personal computer (PC). He already had one and told me that they are great to have and that you can do a lot with them.

After a week, I'm ready to go buy a computer, and I bring my roommate along to assist me with his recommendations. We go to a few different places before I determine where I'm going to acquire one. On the fifth spot, I decided what I wanted with the help of a friend. I had to pay over 600 dollars for it, but I was able to secure a loan to pay for it. It was an IBM, which were popular in the 1990s and were among the best available. I'm looking forward to getting it home and connecting it; a computer is fresh territory for me to explore and learn from.

I've got the computer set up and ready to connect to everything so I can set up my online access. Yes, AOL was my first internet web service; I'm not sure if they're still in business or not. I'm starting to feel quite old now that I can recall everything. For the first time on my new PC, my eyes glaze over the internet, and I am taken aback by how large my world has suddenly become. For me, a whole new world has just opened up. This is all for this capsule for now. Please check out my Amazon suggestion box below too.

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It's almost Thanksgiving, and it's 1992/93 for me.

I've been at Nielsen for a little over a month now, and it's been a busy month at work for me as well. Thanksgiving is almost here, and I'm going to visit my mother for the holiday. It'll be a 27-mile drive for me, but I remember how meaningful the holidays were for me when my mother was still with me. But that'll have to wait for another time, and it'll be a story for another capsule. Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and I'm cramming as many hours as I can at work to get as much overtime as possible. I have to go shopping for new clothes, and I am devoting a significant amount of time to it.

I'm also devoting a lot of effort to updating my New Angelfire website with my poetry. And wow, had it taken off for me as well. I'm getting a lot of emails from girls all around the world who want to marry me and send me their private photos. All of their fan mail, as well as their comments on my poetry, astound me. I also take the time to thank each one individually, via email and comments. I also include some self-portraits in my poetry, as each female had requested. My website currently receives 1000 visits every week. Right now, life is fantastic for me.

Thanksgiving is approaching, so I post a couple of poems on my Angelfire website before heading to Foster, Kentucky, to see my mother and stepfather for Thanksgiving dinner. It's a long drive for me, and it'll be my first solo trip to see my folks for the holidays. My baby sister lives in a different residence than my mother in Foster, Kentucky. I'm still in Newport, Kentucky. I completed the journey in less than 45 minutes and arrived at the small town of Foster, Kentucky. All of my Foster family are already at my mother's house conversing with one another. Dinner won't be ready for another two hours, but the home smells wonderful.

Thanksgiving dinner is now being served, and I'm hungry after the two-hour wait. There's turkey, ham, and a baked mac and cheese layer with tons of cheese, as well as homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. There's also pumpkin and chocolate pies. My mother also cooked delicious buttered dumplings, and she prepared plenty for leftovers. I could go on for days about all the different things, but I won't. The dinner rolls were buttered to make them taste even better. Let's just say the Thanksgiving dinner was massive, lasting over 4 hours, and I stayed the night, so I got homemade breakfast in the morning before driving back home the next day.

This concludes this capsule; my next one will focus on Christmas in 1992 and 1993, as well as a discussion of Christmas dinner with my parents. It'll feel almost like Thanksgiving, but with a Christmas twist. But, for the time being, I'll fill in one paragraph to conclude this capsule, and I'll also discuss my Angelfire website in further detail. I go over all of my emails and comments and respond to each one. My website generated over 50 emails and comments.

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I don't have any older photos of me from 1he 90's all my photos are newer pictures of me as I didn't have a cam til at least 2008.

I don't have any older photos of me from 1he 90's all my photos are newer pictures of me as I didn't have a cam til at least 2008.

In terms of Thanksgiving and Christmas,!992 was a good year for me.

In 1992, it was the first time I spent the holiday season away from my family, and I nearly forgot about it. It was spent with my mother and stepfather at their house, but I enjoyed it. It was a typical holiday, except that my mother prepared a huge meal. Oh, how I miss my mom's home cooking, where there was always a wide variety of food options. Even though I loved my mother's butter dumplings with every meal, her meat dishes were always my favorite. As far as I know, I never ate any of her vegetables; I've always been a meat eater. Whenever I went to my mother's house, there was always a big party. Every year my stepfather baked turkey for Thanksgiving, and every year my mom baked ham for Christmas.

For Christmas, I drove the 27 miles to my mother's house and spent the weekend there before returning home on Sunday afternoon. Ten Thanksgiving and Christmases later, my mother passed away just a month before her birthday. That's something I'll get into more in 2002, though. After all, I don't want to miss out on the good times I had with my mother. And there were many good times, and I'm glad I got to share them with my mom. I was delighted to spend time with my mother from Mother's Day to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those were some of the happiest times of my life with her.

Despite the fact that I was working the second shift at Neilsen and thus unable to go to see my mom, I call my mother to wish her a happy new year, I still remember my first phone number, which was 606-291-3063 at the time. While I was working on my angelfire poetry page before ky started using the 859 area code for all phone calls, I added a few new poems to it. I stayed up until 3 a.m. every night working on it, adding graphics, pictures, and even more poems. I used to go to bed at 3 a.m. and get up at 9 a.m. to start a new day, and I would work until 3 p.m. and get home at 11 p.m. every day. Also, on some days, I would put in an additional hour or two of work, depending on the situation.

My company's business is booming, so I work a lot of overtime because I have a lot of things I need to get done during that time frame. Despite the fact that I'm only a temporary employee, I'm now clocking in 30+ hours of overtime per week. Despite my exhaustion, I persevered and completed all of the overtime. Each week, I am earning rning upwards of $600 on a single check, and I couldn't be happier. Slowly, but surely, I am able to gather the resources I've requested.

I buy a tv, DVD player, new clothing and shoes. And other items that I couldn't buy before. My list of needed items is fast becoming completed, life is being very good to me now and I am very happy with my new life too. But I am still missing the love of a good girl, love seems to evade me and it kind of brings me down too. No girl to hold close to my heart yet, all the girls I meet seem to be all wrong for me. No girl that seem to be worthy of meeting my parent yet.

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