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My Life Among the Deathworks by Philip Rieff: A Synopsis

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Philip Rieff

Philip Rieff

My Life Among the Deathworks by Philip Rieff: A Synopsis

I am a teaching agent of the sacred order; I must teach its moral demands. The sacred messenger provides a bridge between the sacred and the social. He brings the truth—the message—over that bridge from the highest authority. I have seen the truth; I have seen the transgressions. I am not here to entertain or amuse.

Culture occupies the space between the sacred and the social. Western civilization is a culture derived from the Christian Faith. At its holy heart is the self-revealed creator of the universe, from whom every living being derives its being and significance. The truth about the world has been revealed to us, and how we act in it has been divinely commanded.

The dominant culture in America today is animated by a completely different spirit, whose primary focus is to tear down Western Civilization. It proposes a world without truth, where nothing is sacred. It offers a world without morals, where power is what matters. There are no permanent laws in this world, only the rules of the moment imposed through politics by those with access to power. Western Civilization has its defenders, but those determined to destroy it have ensconced themselves into the dominant institutions that shape culture: the arts, the universities, the public school system, and the media.

The Nazi doctrine “unworthy of life” is now applied to the unborn. Quality of life arguments mean that life must be submitted to a quality test that makes it onerous to justify life since all life in the flesh is weak and perishable. That weakness and that perishability becomes the best reason to destroy life.

Sexual love must always be across the sexes in order to be true love. The fundamental difference between human sexuality and that of a dog is that ours is a sexuality that itself can include shame, which is our sense of guilt at any lowering committed during sexual acts. The human body is singled out as sacred in a way in which are no other bodies. Two human beings become one during sex in a way that no animals can.

Philip Rieff has written that now the authority of the past is sacrificed; sacred history is profaned; human beings are reduced from sacred selves to social roles. People have always committed transgressive acts but only today do they demand that transgressive acts be called “good.’ The body is the temple of God, and so it must be violated and desecrated. Made into mere meat. “It is forbidden to forbid” is the motto of our times.

Rieff says a covenant is an agreement to observe the clearest and most distinct ideas of all, the only truly clear and distinct ideas, the commanding truths of revelation that can guide our conduct. The commanding truths have been replaced with systematic mendacity. A society kills itself when it develops its dissimulations to the point at which they are widely admired. This is spiritual warfare between truths and powerful lies.

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The freedom to be shameless is widely proposed as a newly acquired right. We exist in a vertical of possible behaviors with commandments from God at the top since He created us. At the moment of our conception, each human being is different from all others—past, present, or future. From God derives our individual identities, so your self in its irreducible identity belongs to the One who created it.

It makes ironic sense that the people who taught the world monotheism—the Jews—would also teach the world the substitute religion of atheistic Marxism once they had lost the faith of their fathers. Josef Hell asked Hitler in 1922 how he chose the Chosen People of God—the Jews—as his primary villain in the fiction he spun for the German people. Adolph Hitler responded:

“My object is to guide first-rate revolutionary upheavals, regardless of what methods or means I have to use in the process. To channel the odium of the general masses, weighing every imaginable factor, I concluded that a campaign against the Jews would be as popular as it was successful. Disproportionately to their small number, they account for an immense share of the German national wealth, which can easily be put to profitable use for the state. Once the hatred has been really stirred up, they are totally defenseless, and no one will stand up to protect them.”

Progressives will never solve their problems because the real solution to social pathologies lies in what progressives prohibit, sacred truth.

Our public school system miseducates children by repressing the truth about the world and human existence. American culture is producing fewer and fewer sane people. The Antichrist indoctrinates through the public school system. Self-esteem therapy is extraordinarily dangerous as it riles people up to hate because of real or imagined injustices. It creates narcissism and sometimes violence. Progressive education has infantilized generations.

The Founding Fathers assumed that churches and families would mediate against state power. Today, the state presumes to take over the functions and powers of church and family. The Founders believed in obedience to the sacred order, but progressives today believe there is nothing but ourselves.

The foundations of freedom are being destroyed from the top down—by cultural elites—not from the bottom up. They have changed “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” into “freedom to transgress and the happiness of transgressing.” Happiness does not lie in rebellion against God. Happiness comes from right living—in accord with your created nature. Happiness is not freedom from the truth.

Antichrist elites claim what we have witnessed since 1970 has been Progress. They also claim the Sexual Revolution has had positive results, totally ignoring the catastrophe they caused. Sexuality is at the heart of this rebellion against God. Libido becomes a goddess to be worshiped and served. Sexual appetite is equated with the human need for food. To the sexual animal, nothing is immoral. People without a sense of commanding truths long for distraction, and they may feel content in the short run if their bodies are satisfied. We now see gross sexuality in the very young.

The sacred messenger expresses transcendence.

My Life Among the Deathworks by Philip Rieff

My Life Among the Deathworks by Philip Rieff

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