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My Interesting Reads from New Authors

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I am an avid reader and a freelance book reviewer at the Goodreads & Booksirens apps. I like to read multiple genres like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Memoirs, Short Stories and Poetry. I share my good reads with all the book lovers to update them about some new authors. Today, I am sharing my latest readinglist for the recommendations. I mostly read the new authors and try to promote their good books via my articles by providing a short synopsis to the books for the readers' ease to decide which ones they should include in their next readinglist.

Need Of A Change by Rita Rana

Genre: Poetry & Short Prose
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
It is a short poetry Collection comprising of 60 pages only. Who does not need a change in life? We all do at some point of our existence. Sometimes the change is inflicted upon us by force and the other times we embrace it fully by ourselves. But sometimes “Change” is inevitable not only for ourselves but for the society in order to restrain the balance. That is the kind of change Ms Rita has written about in her poetry collection. She wrote some beautiful prose gems as well to ignite the motivation for change amongst us. I have loved the concept she highlighted to change ourselves first before looking for the change in the society. Unless we are going to change our thinking and attitude, the society can't bring forth a fruitful change for us. This book is available at Amazon for all the poetry lovers who are waiting for the “Change" for a long time.

Lover: The Art of Staying Lost Book 1 by Sakshi Narula

Genre: Poetry
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
A Collection of sad poems at the loss of the lover comprising 127 pages. This book contains illustrations as well to accompany your mood while reading. As most of us have been “broken-hearted" at some stage of our life that only reading or writing poetry brings solace and peace to our wounded soul. For all those who have to suffer this pain of being heart broken or who are still under the suffering of that pain need to read it to relate their emotions to many of Ms Sakshi's poems. This book is also available at the Amazon with good reviews. Grab it today to find something poetic to read during those gloomy winter evenings this year.

Soul Reflections by Jillani Birech

Genre Poetry
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
This is the second book I have read by this poet for the review and found it equally good as is his “Haikus" collection. This one is simple poetry book with the true soul reflections of the poet himself. He has penned his emotions at the various moods of his life. The good thing about this book is that it also contains “hope" in all his poems except the few. Over all you will find many pieces of his poetry relatable, fresh and full of optimism despite of gloomy tone. I will recommend this to all the true poetry lovers who like to read well rhymed, meaningful and mindful poetry. This book is also available at the Amazon with a positive feedback. Grab it today and you would love reading and re-reading it for sure because of the simple poetic style by Mr Jillani.

Something Told: Spoken Stories by Nancy LaRonda

Genre: Fiction (Short Stories & Poetry)
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
This book is basically a short stories collection comprising 119 pages. If you are into reading short stories then surely you should read this one. Although I want to warn don't consider the stories to be simple and fun to read. Instead, you need to be a really sharp reader to grasp emotions, mood, humour and absurdity in this collection of Ms Nancy. She has been really remarkable in creating some interesting characters in her collection. I really liked her element of dark humour and absurdity in them. So all those who have been the fans of “Tales from dark side” must read this collection from Nancy LaRonda. This is available at the Amazon and is a good read for the real short story genre readers. Do not read it if you are not a bizarre fiction reader.

Stories for The Heart: When Memories become a Treasure by Alexandra Antipa

Genre: Memoir
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
It is a 162-page memoir upon “Death" by Ms Alexandra. Yes, it is not everybody's piece of reading. You need to be really strong hearted to read this memoir as it talks about the real-life experience of the author with the idea of death. She has lost so many loved ones and thus speaks her heart out loud about her feelings and fears associated with death. This book talks about the relations when they become a memory and all you are left with is the thought of your loved ones to cherish for the rest of your life. She insists on building strong bonding with your parents, grandparents and friends in life throughout her book. She supports the bonding to be kept alive even when the dears and near ones depart from us forever. This book contains heavy emotions that will make you cry out loud at times to see how Alexandra has dealt with the death of her close relatives and friends. The book is available at the Amazon but for the readers who have the courage to endure this heavy weight of Alexandra’s heart and past.

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Best Foot Forward by Bea Stevens

Genre: Fiction (Chick-lit & Rom-com)
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
A Chick-lit Rom-com comprising 254 pages is a fun read for all the teenagers out there. This is the only book I have included for the people who are looking for some light hearted read in my collection of this booklist. So here it is something refreshing to take you to that Chick-lit world of Libby. She is funny, adorable and is head over heels in love with fashion and shoes. This book is really funny with cheeky dialogues and punch lines from Libby “the Fashionista.” I will surely recommend this to all the “Mills & Boon" and “Sweet Valley" genres fans. You will love this book and Libby will seem relatable to many of the teenage readers. It is available at the Amazon for anybody looking to dwell in some light humour and romantic read this winter.

Love, Unpacked: Dump out your bag and step out unto the love you have been searching for

Genre : Memoir (Y/A Fiction)
My Goodreads Rating **** Stars
“Love Unpacked” by Andi Franklin is a 166 pages memoir with Y/A genre stuff. It is only recommended to the readers above 18 age group. This book talks about love, sex & profanity. So, readers are required to be extra cautious before picking it up for the read. I like reading memoirs so, I have read it with that perspective and in that sense Ms Franklin’s story seems genuine and interesting. She has decided to unpack some heavy stuff from her past relationships and family life. It may sound as an ordinary book here but if you will read it then am sure many of the women are going to recall some of their past life's heavy memories to be unloaded and unpacked as well. I would recommend it for the women especially in a relationship or had been in the wrong relationships to read and find some motivation from Andi Franklin ‘s unpacked love life.


This has been my recent reading list for all the book lovers around the globe. I hope the synopsis to these books will be helpful to you in selecting your new reads. Stay tuned for more books recommendations. Enjoy reading!

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