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Book Review of Percy Jackson Series (Book 3,4 & 5)

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Percy Jackson and the Olympian series is written by an American author Rick Riordan. In UK, these books were first published by Puffin Books and in USA, by Hyperion Books for Children. These books can be enjoyed by those aged 9+ years.

These are action packed fantasy adventure books and children would love to read them, especially those who like books such as Harry Potter. These books are based on Greek Gods. Those who do not know about Greek Gods can refer to my previous review of Percy Jackson books(book 1 & 2). In that, I have given the introduction of main Greek Gods.


Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse

In this book, Percy along with his friends Annabeth, Thalia and Grover go to a school to find two half-blood brother and sister. In the school, they come across a manticore named Dr. Thorn who attacks them. When it becomes hard for the four of them to defend themselves, a group of hunters come to their rescue. They get successful to plummet Dr. Thorn off the edge of a cliff but he takes Annabeth along with him which is a big blow for Percy. He wants Annabeth back.

He also comes to know that the leader of the hunters is the Goddess Artemis. The Goddess decides to go on a mission to find some monster and his close aide Zoe accompanied by Percy, his friends and two new half-blood siblings go back to camp half-blood. In the camp, both Percy and Zoe have a dream of Annabeth and Artemis respectively and both see them in danger needing help.

Finally, they get permission from the camp leaders to go on a quest to save Artemis and Annabeth. From there on, the book is all about their dangers and courage on the quest which makes the reader completely mesmerised.


Percy Jackson and the battle of the Labyrinth

This book is all about Labyrinth. Labyrinth, in the fantasy world of this book, is a huge maze under the surface of the mortal world. It kept on growing for thousands of years connecting different western cities underground. But this Labyrinth is full of traps, illusions, dead ends and monsters. There are hundreds of tunnels underneath which keeps on changing all the time. It has many entries/exit points. The builder of this Labyrinth is Daedalus who has an Ariadne's string which is a navigation guide to this whole maze.

Luke, a half-blood who was once friend of Percy and his friends has betrayed them and joined the enemies. He is trying to destroy the camp half-blood and bring back Kronos, the Lord of Titan. If Luke manages to get Ariadne's string from Daedalus, he can easily attack the camp half-blood, as one of the entry/exit point of Labyrinth is in the camp itself. Hence, the camp is in danger.

Percy and his friends go on the quest in this maze to find Daedalus and the string. But for this, they have to go through lots of challenges, dark tunnels, monsters and also have to put their own life in danger.

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Now, which challenges they face and what happens with them, whether they get successful or not, this is on the readers to find out by reading the book.


Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

This is the last book in this series. In this book, Kronos, the Lord of Titan attacks the city of New York to win Olympus, the place of Gods. He has a big army of monsters, telkhines and others. He himself is also reformed by using the body of Luke (Luke was once friend of Percy and his friends). Kronos has become very powerful.

Few days before the attack by Kronos, Percy comes to know of a prophecy, according to which the world will be saved or destroyed by one single decision when Percy will turn sixteen. Now Percy is going to be sixteen in less than a week before the attack.

On the other hand, God's are busy fighting a huge monster 'Typhon'. They can't help Percy and his friends in battle with Kronos. If Kronos win this battle, whole world will get destroyed and the Gods will fade. Hence, it is all on the shoulders of Percy and his friends to decide how to stop Kronos.

How Percy handles the situation, what decisions he takes, who helps him and who becomes the real hero in the end is on the readers to find out by reading this action-packed book.


Percy Jackson Series is not only adventurous, they also have a bit of humour in them. The stories are a mixture of both old myths and new culture. On one side, they are based on Greek Gods , on the other hand everything is modern, like, the God of Sun driving modern cars, Gods and Goddesses wearing suits, jeans, shorts and t-shirts. This way, I guess even the children who don't like old mythologies, would love to read them.

There is also suspense in these books. As I wrote in my previous review of Book 1 and 2, each book in this series contains a Prophecy. These prophecies told by the Oracle make the reader stick to reading these books by putting excitement and uncertainty. For me, they are the best part of these books . I'm sure children will not get bored by reading them.

I recommend them to anybody aged 9+ years.

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