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I am a homemaker, mother and a wife. I have a passion for books. I always like to know about different books and love to read them.

What My Reviews Contain?

- The name of the book

- The Author

- The publisher

- The first publication year in UK

- A brief introduction of the book and flaws, if any

- My recommendation


Private Peaceful

Author - Michael Morpurgo

Publisher - HarperCollins

First Published in Great Britain(Year) - 2003

Age Range - 9+ years

This book is a story of a soldier called "Tommo Peaceful". It includes his childhood in his village, his love for a girl, his guilt, his relationship with his brothers and mother and how he ends up in First World War.

The story is predominantly of a soldier looking back at his life from the battlefield during the World War I. He remembers everything that had happened in his life in the past. The whole story is quite sentimental and written whole heartedly. There is anger, grief, guilt, both love and jealousy for a brother, love for a girl etc. There are also horrors of war which tells the children and adults the horrendous life and difficulties of soldiers in the war. All the chapters are titled as time, like Five past ten, Twenty to eleven and why they are titled like that, the reader can find near the end of the book ( I don't want to ruin the suspense here).

I would definitely recommend the book to anyone aged 10 year or older. Nine year olds are a bit younger as per me to read and understand this book (unless they are interested in books related to World War)

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War Horse

Author - Michael Morpurgo

Publisher - Kaye & Ward Ltd

First Published in Great Britain(Year) - 1982

Age Range - 9+ years

This is one of the very famous books of Michael Morpurgo in which the author has written from a different perspective. It is the story of a horse named Joey who has witnessed the harrowing realities of World War I. Joey has recited how he became an army horse from a farm horse. The book unfolds the experience of devastation, the killings, the thunders of gunfire, injuries and the horrors of the war from the eyes of a horse.

Along with that, the book has also shown the courage and the kindness of both the soldiers and the horses, the warmth, the care and the friendship. It has highlighted the fact that horses played a very important role in the World War I and there remained a special bond between the humans and them.

The book is emotional and touching. I would definitely recommend this book to older children and adults as it is a beautiful wartime classic.

Listen to the Moon

Author - Michael Morpurgo

Publisher - HarperCollins

First Published in Great Britain(Year) - 2014

Age Range - 9+ years

This is another book of Michael Morpurgo which is set during the times of World War I. It is the story of a girl stranded on a desolate island in the Scillies. She is saved by a fisherman and his son but she is in shock, scared and in total miserable condition. She doesn't speak anything apart from a word "Lucy". She is a total mystery to the people of the Island. They start making different assumptions about her. She is thought to be a mermaid or a German at the time when the war was going on. The anti-German sentiments at that time put hatred in the minds of the people for that girl. But it is the kindness of one family and a doctor that brought smile back on her face. The story revolves around the care, love and kindness she receives from that family even after the hostility of the community towards her. How the girl reached that island is also unfolded along with.

The story is very sentimental and nostalgic. The author has given attention to every minute detail. I would recommend this book to anybody aged 9+ years. But you need to have a bit of patience to read the book. Those children and adults who want quick action in the stories may not like it that much.


Michael Morpurgo has written some very stunning books for children. All the above three books of him are very touching and engrossing stories. They underline the fact that wars just bring destruction and do good to nobody. They show that love and care for each other are much more important than trepidation of war. I think older children(and maybe adults also) must read his above books as they take us back in the history and show us what our grandparents/great grandparents went through in times of war.

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