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My Goodreads Reviews List

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I am a book reviewer at the Goodreads app. I write quality reviews to the books and also promote the good books via my articles by providing synopsis reviews to them. Here is the latest collection from my Goodreads bookshelf for the readers to read.


Beautiful She Was by Shamela Yousuff

This is a poetry collection from a young poetess. The poems are arranged categorically in three main parts i) Thoughts ii) Life iii) Not Any More. I have reviewed this book at the Goodreads app and it's simple and fun to read. It contains deep emotions of the girl with all the aspirations and dreams about life and how her thoughts and beliefs have been changed over the time. The book also contains beautiful illustrations to make you feel the emotions Ms Shamela has tried to portray in it. It is enjoying good reviews at the Goodreads app so far from its readers.


Haikus-in-Hopefulness by Jillani Birech

This is the poetry collection based on Haikus. If you have been into reading poetry and specially admire this genre then this book is a must in your 2020 reading list. It is written by an Algerian poet with beautiful imagery and thought-provoking poems. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing it. The good thing about this book is that it is published in both English and Spanish languages. It enjoys great reviews at Amazon, Goodreads and Book Sirens. You can check out the link below to grab the copy from amazon book store. Have a happy haiku reading!


Inevitable by Michael Rogers

This book is for the Sci-Fi novel readers. If you have been a die-hard Sci-fiction fan then you will surely enjoy this book. The book is the first in the series to be launched in the year or so. It's all about the world in 2050 onwards timeline where the technology will be at its very peak. Michael Rogers has created a good tech war scenario between the two tech giants via this book. The suspense lies in finding out who is the antagonist and the protagonist in this technological rivalry. The book will be a good addition to your science fiction genre readinglist. It is available at Amazon and is enjoying good reviews at Goodreads app and Amazon book store.


Tao by Linshu Gao

It is another Sci-Fi Novel by the Chinese author. You will be amazed to read about Greek Mythology references by this promising Chinese novelist in this great read. The plot is again intriguing with the world in 2050. There are very interesting characters and a really catchy plot in it to grab your attention. I am sure you are going to be glued to this book from the beginning till the end. There are cheeky dialogues between friends and some good poetry as well to entertain you in Tao by Linshu Gao. This book will have a special place in my freelancing career as I have also got the opportunity to provide editing services to it. It turned out to be one of the best reads unexpectedly for me this year because I never thought it to be having that well knitted plot and characters at the hands of a novice Chinese author. The book has just been launched officially at the Amazon. I am sure it will receive great reviews from the readers worldwide. So, if you venture to read something good from the new author then “Tao" is not going to disappoint you. Grab your copy today and enjoy this great blend of Greek Mythology in Sci-Fi genre.

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Hacking Evolution: Ditch Anxiety Get Happy Forever by Brad Kelln

This is the only Non-Fiction I am including to my this best reads list so far. The reason is not that it tells a sad tell-tale heart about “Anxiety." Instead the term “Anxiety" is dealt differently at the hands of an expert psychologist named Brad Kelln. This book is just a 96 page read but yet very comprehensive and with a good knowledge upon the topic of anxiety. The moment I grabbed this book it took me to another perspective of dealing with anxiety. I must appreciate Brad's unique dealing of the term not as a disease throughout the book. He has presented really workable solution to deal with anxiety. The book contains practical examples for the readers to change their perspective of thinking not only about anxiety but about themselves. It is a light hearted read with no complex theories about psychology. It is a great handbook for everyone about anxiety and how to get rid of it. It is highly recommended read to all the readers to upgrade their knowledge upon this misdealt subject of “Anxiety.” The book is available at Amazon and the Goodreads apps with great reviews so far. A must read for all readers!


This is the latest books collection I have thoroughly enjoyed reading and reviewing. If you are an avid reader and looking for more good reads then check them out at my other article in the link below. I hope you will enjoy reading these books as well.

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Tajwer Shakir (author) on October 27, 2020:

My pleasure! Your book deserves to be among best reads!

Jillani Birech from Algeria on October 27, 2020:

Thank you so much!

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