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Will You Love My Crazy?

Bachelors Degree in Organizational Behavioral Psychology with a background in Autism, Mental Health, Business Psychology. Sales Management.


“Blank Space”- IPrevail

We met one strange day, impulsive 3,000 mile drive.

Lost all I worked for, nothing left for which to thrive.

I left behind my love, one I yet did not know.

My best friend twin, yet boyfriend now I bestow.

Why I left such big mystery, to them, not to me.

Walls closing in fast, the stifling ability to just be.

He always kept me safe, so why was I suffocating?

He truly loved this dysfunction, identity traumatic In creating.

Cross Country Impulse Move


“If It Means A lot To You”- A Day To Remember

My darkness deep inside, outwardly flowing over.

He loved all and accepted, but others inability to cover.

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They laughed at me, Murmured nonsense behind my back.

My demons always surface, then everyone watches every crack.

No help as actions are screams, always though silent.

They watch with all eyes, I was spinning fast...violent.

Easy to just leave, easier to breathe when you are unknown.

Yet at 40 nearly, people question sanity like you aren’t grown.

When I drive away, I knew I would not return any time near.

Telling my twin heart, that I stopped in intense violent fear.

New Love ❤️ and Loving Crazy

The Nightmare Always Begins With Tattoos and Amazing Sex

The Nightmare Always Begins With Tattoos and Amazing Sex

Dark Side - By: Iris Grey

The town so dark, these country roads darkness around.

Only feeling of home, yet not home grown nor loyalty bound.

Yet smell of crisp air, stars in abundance in the heavenly skies.

Calm..maybe even peace, activates my Brain Buzzing flies.

I am told I’m crazy, a sickness of traumas that are black.

Born healthy Im told, yet attachment you made me lack.

I was swallowed into emotions, drowned out as I walked in.

Welcomed with open arms, loved despite being a psychotic sin.

Drunk i stayed, surprised to not one nor did they judge.

No stares and whispers, no old my crazy anyone begrudge.

The comfortable random sex, with all those still i did trust.

Never to abandon me, never to destroy me more than lust.

Than that day I saw you, prior three times I blew you off?

No memory at all, except a blur of laughter never enough.

I made the mistake, I sat down and I told you I was crazy.

I put my hand on yours, always my downfall now your fantasy.


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© 2021 Abby Rourk

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