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Fear Doesn't Stand A Chance, When We Stand in God's Love

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.

Fear Doesn't Stand A Chance


My Faith sustains me, I've no desire to go it alone

I am not sure exactly when humankind decided it was a good idea to just go it alone.

When did a reliance on God (or even a belief in God or a higher being) become such an unpopular thing?

I suppose it has been a gradual process, as humankind has evolved {and devolved} and I would definitely agree that moving forward, without God, makes everything more, not less...complicated!

But, our lives sure seem to go to {you know where} in a hand basket, when we place God on a back burner, boot him to the curb, deny him, until there is no other name to call on -

For me, personally, my faith sustains me and keeps me grounded, I have no desire to go it alone

I can't imagine ending a day or beginning a day, without acknowledging my Creator.

Giving thanks for another day on earth is routine for me; it's not just about asking for favor as the trials and tribulations of life are handed over to my heavenly Father, it is also about being grateful for his continual love, grace, acceptance and guidance.


The Ukrainian people are currently in the tribulation of their lives and I dedicate the following poem to them, as they fight to live as they wish to live and not merely exist under the confines of an evil dictatorship!

I pray they find refuge and peace, in God's Love.

Fearless (a Poem)

A frightened child cowers, wondering why he is being pulled in one direction, while his father runs with such urgency, in the other

Crying out in fear, not understanding what's happening, holding desperately close to his Mother

A young woman shakes her head in total disbelief, how has this happened to her beloved Country, instantly turned into such an ugly, unrecognizable, deadly and toxic place

Another, on the other side, asks why her Country does this to their neighbors; such atrocities, such a disgrace

Why does her so-called leader, care only about power and control, while ignoring a world full of pleas

Why is it a life ambition and obsession of some, to bring others to their knees?

Whether fighting against the dictates of one's own government, for the individual right to live free

Or fleeing from one's home, running for their lives, away from all they've known, not knowing what will be

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It all comes down to freedom and losing it -

or freedom, which was never known, due to Tyrants who only seek to abuse and profit

Such an elevated level of fear to go from, not wanting to take off one's mask -

to being told, you may be blown away, if you take the time to ask,

why does evil exist?

Why do evil-doers persist?

Evil seeks to rob every fleeting moment of freedom; it seeks to take, it seeks to steal

Why does evil exist; it exists to hurt, to destroy, to maim, to kill


Faith, assists in conquering life-interrupting, life-altering, fear...

it takes away the uneasiness and the hopelessness; the unforgiving fog is lifted, all is made more clear

When we unite in love, fear doesn't stand a chance

When we unite in prayer, mountains can be moved, for it is through faith, not through happenstance

I am praying for the unsettled, for the war-torn, for those losing all sight of hope

For the weary, the displaced, for the wherewithal to function and to cope

For strength for those caught up in battle; the fathers, husbands, sons, who have been left behind

For calmness and peace, of body, spirit, soul and of mind

May our faith conquer our fears

May our strength outlast our tears

May the beast which has been unleashed, be tamed

May the freedom to live one's life and the faith to conquer all fear, be proclaimed

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray this in his precious and mighty name

For the Believers in this world, with its conflict, danger and strife, I am calling on one and all, to also do the same

Amen and amen

AB Williams

© 2022 A B Williams

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