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My Favorite Jane Austen Character From Persuasion


Persuasion The Book

Anne Elliot came from a world where you either married early or shriveled up and blew away like a dried leaf. Anne Elliot shocked her Regency England Era friends and family by not doing that at all. She shocked everyone by finding love again after the age of 25. I know that sounds young to you, but they only expected to live from 50 to. 60 or so in that age. Not one but three men fell for her charms in the heart warming novel. A rich distant cousin, a sorrowful poet of a man who lost his first love to illness and a man she jilted many years ago.

Jane Austen poured her heart and soul into this last novel, she put more of herself in this than any other novel, maybe because she knew she was dying or that last would be her last novel. She passed away in the summer of 1817, the book was published Christmas of that year, but was dated 1818.

This is my copy of Persuasion, the one that look me less than a week to read while I had a bad cold. Finished it in 4 days because it was the only thing that distracted me from how terrible I felt. I worked in a restaurant and sick people would regularly work their shifts and contaminate everyone else.


Persuasion 2008

Even through this is my favorite version of this novel on film it is missing some of my favorite passages. Mr. Frederick Wentworth is very dreamy, Anne is strange looking at times, it is part the actresses short comings, half the odd way they did her hair. She is and can be very pretty, but as they styled her.

Many years later the leading man is very swoon-able. And the actress who played Ann has played the lead in several movies I enjoyed. She can in truth at times be adorable.

by sir Thomas Lawerence

by sir Thomas Lawerence

Persuasion 1995

This movie has my favorite passages, but the main actor is not someone I would ever swoon over, Anne is cute. I still really like this version though. If you like the book it is a very close adaption and is well worth watching, renting, borrowing or even buying.

The main actress almost played Emma Thompson's sister in Sense and Sensibility, but she had already been cast in this movie and filming overlapped. Emma's real sister played Mary Anne's younger sister in this movie. Anne is the middle child of the family.

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by Sir Thomas Lawrence

by Sir Thomas Lawrence

A Modern Persuasion and other modern adaptions

I will admit that I have seen this movie yet. Honestly I am looking to see it, maybe just not looking forward to it, it seems very far from the novel. I am also looking to try to see it for free, trying to find it on a subscription I already pay for. I will update this when I have seen the newer movie.

Now for the movie the Lake House, this was a movie from the early 2000s, it seems crazy that this movie is now so old, because it still feels modern and fresh to me. This has an honorable mention, a new doctor after trying to save a man after he is struck by a bus. There were a lot of bus related crashes and deaths that year. Stranger than fiction and ghost town both feathered death and near death by this manner. I digress, she returned to the lake house she had lived two years before, I believe in 2004, it was a place that brought her hope. She begins a letter writing relationship with the man who owns the house she rented, but he is two years in the past. They only meet once in 2002, but he knew the timing was wrong. Like in Persuasion they had to wait for the right time. This is important because he retrieved her copy of Persuasion that she was given by her dead father that she left behind on a train. She was also there for him during a death in his family. I will not say anything else about the movie, it is a classic now.


Persuasion 1971 and it shows

I can't stress how much I dislike this version, it is the longest version by nearly two hours and they still managed to cut a few things of my favorite lines. The costumes were the worst I've ever seen in a Regency English Era movie, it looked like they just went to a 1970's fabric store and bought the most tacky 1970s material and said that is what is going into this classic Jane Austen book PBS adaption. Anne looked about 40, I'm not sure if she was. She is supposed to look about 27 to 32 at the oldest. Many times they do hire older actresses to plays this part to emphasize the fact that she was considered over the hill at 27 years old. At 38 was the oldest to play Anne, I looked it up and did the math.

Persuasion 2022

There is a new Jane Austen's Persuasion very recently received, not in theaters mind you, on Netflix, which as someone who doesn't have Netflix I', rather sad about. Because I swore never to have that streaming service again, they raised our prices so high and canceled the shows I actually liked on it. I will maybe, get a free trail and see the movie, I will update this once I do since I don't have a credit card at the moment.

All I can say is it has a diverse cast and if you have read Jane Austen's novels and know her views on race and other controversial things of her day, you would know that is not an issue. In most of the Jane Austen movies they cast very fair actors and actresses, but she has described dark eyed and tanned characters. She also had a half Indian cousin who was married to a Frenchman who was later hung, only for being rich and French. She then went on to marry one of her cousins who was ten years her junior. They had one child together.

This is just an updated version of Something old that I wrote

I wrote this a long time ago, edited minimally, I did add things about the new movie that just came out, but no matter how much edit the old one, they say they won't publish it.  If they publish this it proves they don't reread the 1s they unpublish

I wrote this a long time ago, edited minimally, I did add things about the new movie that just came out, but no matter how much edit the old one, they say they won't publish it. If they publish this it proves they don't reread the 1s they unpublish

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