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My Father Description

Different people have different ways of influencing others.  Most people would use words to affect other people.  Some individuals would utilize their gift of persuasion to convince others of their causes or arguments, while others use authority to force people to do as they say.  These differences can apply to fathers as well.  Not all fathers are similar when it came to educating their children.  Some are gentle, while others are more dominant.

            My father was a man of a few words.  He was a quiet man, only speaking when needed.  He does not possess the gift of persuasion that other people had, neither did he use authority to get his message across.  All the lessons I have learned from my father were not taught through words.  He did not give me long lectures or lengthy reprimands.  Instead, he set an example for me to follow.  I learned what I needed to know from my father through his own life.  It was the way he lived his life that taught me how to live mine.  Indeed, my father was not a man of words; he was more a man of action.

            My father had simple interests.  He was very fond of the outdoors.  He liked to hike, and went hiking as often as he could.  When he had the time, he also went fishing.  However, his favorite thing to do was to hunt.  As a child, I remember the different animals he brought home.  My favorite animal from his hunting trips was the deer.  At a tender age, I was fascinated with the fact that he brought home an animal of such size.

            Aside from being a man of the outdoors, my father was also a man of faith.  He was a firm believer in Christ.  He never preached about his faith; he never gave us lessons on religion and morality.  He simply lived by example.  Whenever he is faced with great difficulty, he would simply think about what Christ would do if He was in a similar situation.  It was one of the great things I found remarkable about my father.

            In one instance, I went hiking with him.  I was not really fond of the outdoors like he was, but I took it as a chance to spend time with my father.  It was raining earlier that day, so the trail was muddy and slippery.  We had to walk slower than his usual pace, to avoid slipping through the mud.  By the time we were finished hiking, we were both hungry.  We proceeded to the nearest gas station we can find, and bought some food.

            As soon as we entered the store, rain started to pour again.  As I took a bite of my sandwich, I saw through the glass window a man standing in the rain.  He was wearing a tan jacket, and his shoulders were wet from the raindrops.  He took cover from the rain in the covered area beside the gas station.  I could see that he was freezing.  He seemed hungry, too; he looked as if he had not eaten in days.  From his appearance, he was probably homeless. 

            My father followed my gaze.  He then immediately wrapped his sandwich in a table napkin and stood up from his seat.  I knew he was only able to take a few bites from his meal, just as I was sure his hunger was still not satisfied.  He walked to the counter, and I saw that he bought another cup of coffee.  Afterwards, he walked outside and I saw him offer the man his sandwich and the cup of coffee.  At first, the man outside hesitated to take what my father was offering him; he stared at my father with doubtful eyes.  A few minutes later, he took his meal and nodded in gratitude.

            My father said nothing on the way home.  He did not have to explain.  I knew why he did what he did.  Again, he taught me a lesson through his own example.  He had given the stranger his own meal, making the man’s hunger his priority rather than his own.  Compared to the homeless man, my father knew he was more fortunate; his hunger seemed irrelevant at that moment.  He also knew that Christ would have done the same thing if He was in the same situation. 

My father is a good father.  He taught me what I needed to learn in life by setting an example through his own life.  His goodness cannot and need not be expressed by words.  He was a man of action.  He acted out what I needed to learn.  


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this is not so intreasting sorry i can not note this . . .

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