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My First Encounter With Nairobi Conmen-Real Life Experience

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

If there is one thing I never imagined could happen in my life was being conned. This is because according to me, God had endowed me with natural discerning power to know potential conmen and women. As such, I had put off many conmen.

Ironically I was one day caught unawares and conned in avery gullible manner. That is the time discovered that even the most intelligent men have also their level of stupidity. I and my cousin Denis were searching for a job in industrial area and we had gone to a particular company by the name saner industry. As we were waiting at the company’s gate, a certain black, tall and smart looking man came and headed straight to where the security officer was. They exchanged some words and the man turned to us.’ Hey how are you?’ he asked.’ we are fine’ we replied.’ ‘Are you looking for a job?’ He inquired. ‘Of course yes.’ We answered. ‘I think I can help you,’ he suggested. ‘And what are your names?’ ‘My name is sila… sila nyamwaya’ I quickly informed him. "And mine is Denis Matera,’ my cousin added.’ so you are from Kisii?’ Yes’ we replied. I have a lot of Kisii friends.’ He retorted.

"I am Julius kilozo from Tetra Park Company and am one of the supervisors there, he continued. "I have been sent to look for one genuine person who can replace an employee who resigned two days ago, and here I came to check for somebody I knew so that I can help him but I hear he is in another job. So if you promise to be genuine I can take one of you there because the position was for one person, but since I have a lot of connections I can organize for the other person to get a job in another company"

"Do you have credit in your phone So that I ask a certain manager if he still has a vacancy in his company?" He particularly directed the question to Denis who said ‘No, I don’t have a phone.’ without hesitating I quickly removed mine and gave it to him. The thought of why he was not using his was far beyond my mind since I was badly in need of a job. He started dialing some numbers and started talking about a job vacancy and the person he has found. What amused us was that though he was talking loudly the other person was inaudible.

The man told us to accompany him to the bus stop since he was taking one of us to the company’s offices situated in the city centre. By that time he had returned the phone to me. As we reached the bus stop, he told Denis to look for a paper so that he can write him a note which will help him secure a job in another particular company.

As my cousin left to where he was directed, the man changed his mind and said that we ought to trek to town, instead of using a matatu, the reason being to reach the office at the right time when the "boss" was present. Hence we trekked from Mombasa road to town. As we were walking, we discussed on many topics ranging from the job matters, how to pass the interview, how to perform my duties and how he had helped many people secure jobs. Back in my heart I was very relieved that at long last God had answered my prayers.

Upon reaching the city centre, the man suggested that we take lunch first before proceeding to office. I told him that I had nothing in my pockets to pay for lunch but he quickly offered to pay for me. After finishing our lunch, we headed to where the ‘office’ was. We reached to a place I realized later as city hall offices.

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He left me on the corridors of those offices telling me to prepare myself for the interview. He entered in one of the offices, came out and entered another, giving an impression of commoner in those offices.

When he came back from the office, he told me that the boss had not returned from lunch, but he had to inform him through phone that he had found a genuine person for the job. He sent me to buy credit card and when I came back, he told me that he was going to use my phone to call the boss since his had no power. I quickly obliged since I had now come to trust him. The man reloaded the phone and started talking to someone who I later learned was nobody.

When he finished talking, he hurriedly told me that there was somebody he was going to inform about me and that I should give him just two minutes, he did not return from where we had come from but went through the other end so I thought that he was just within the offices. When the two minutes turned to I5 and then to 30, my heart became uneasy and I tried to follow where he had gone, amazingly, the corridor was just passing through! I tried to enter the offices he had earlier entered but surprisingly, I found nothing unusual in them but people going about their cores. With my ‘discernment powers’ I realized that I had actually been conned my expensive mobile phone.

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