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My Debut Novel: The Silver-Haired Banshee

Reading is a series of human emotions. Writing is the gift of sharing these emotions.



Apollo is a 21-year-old happy-go-lucky guy who still lives with his mom. He doesn’t have a dream. He’s content to be her mom’s book cover designer and spends most of his time hanging out with his best friend, Gab. Even though Mr. Rodriguez left his wife and son in complete debt, the mother and son duo surpassed those trying times. They now live a decent life in the lovely neighborhood of Summerland Townsville.

Apollo has finished Arts and Designs, and his mom’s writing career has just started to bloom. Their life is serene now; Apollo doesn’t worry about anything, but he’s not so sure whether that’s good or bad. It has to be good, but then he feels that somehow, he’s craving for some excitement in his life.

When a new neighbor moves right across their house, such beautiful face sparks an excitement that Apollo may have been looking for. With his best friend Gab’s help, he concocts a plan to meet her and make it look like a coincidence. Fortunately, the plan works, and they successfully get the new neighbor’s name, which is Betha. Unfortunately, they learn more about Betha than they should.

To repay Gab for his help in meeting the new beautiful neighbor, Apollo promises to get him a gig at Dulcimer, a famous music joint in town. Luke, the owner of Dulcimer, admires Apollo’s mom from a distance, and for some reason his business card has been stuck in Apollo’s wallet for quite some time.

Apollo is confident that Luke won’t be able to turn down his request to hire Gab as a performer at Dulcimer, but it’s not only because Luke has feelings for his mom. It’s because he truly believes in Gab’s talent; he’s an awesome artist waiting to be discovered. However, when Gab and Apollo reach Luke’s place, things don’t go according to his plan. After knocking on his front door several times with no sign of Luke, Apollo and Gab decide to check the backyard in case there’s a backdoor.

As they approach the backyard, someone’s presence in front of the window at the far end of the house’s backyard surprises them. At first look, they thought it’s a guy wearing a gray cloak, something that maybe a cult member would wear. Once the guy removes his hood, they realize that he’s not a guy at all, and are instantly dumbfounded as they recognize that the person is none other than Betha.

Apollo calls out her name, but Betha doesn’t even bat an eye; she seems to be in a trance. As they’re about to walk towards her, the wind’s sudden strong breeze won’t allow them to take another step. Not able to comprehend what’s really happening, they freeze out of total bewilderment, when her long dark hair turns to silver. There’s a fluttering sound like birds flying around as her hair magically changes color. Then, she starts shrieking and her face slowly transforms into an old ugly creature. Apollo and Gab couldn’t do anything except cover their ears and shut their eyes. Too shocked and frozen in fear, the last thing they want is for that creature to see them, so when they open their eyes only to find out that the creature is looking right at them, they run for their life.

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Why I wrote this novel

This wasn’t really a novel at first. It started as a serialized fiction on Webnovel that I decided to revise and improve to make it my debut novel. I couldn’t say that it’s a product of the pandemic because I started writing it in 2019, but I could say that the pandemic made it possible for me to re-write and improve it because I had lots of time at home.

It’s always been my dream to be an author since I was nine. I’ve been reading books since that age, and that inspired me to write as well. In the past, I’ve written four novels: three finished novels, and one unfinished. All were unpublished. For some reason, I lost all four copies when I had to move several times, then just completely stopped writing and caring about losing those copies because I was too busy with life to care and get hurt by that lost. Until now, I regret losing them.

I stopped writing ever since I started working full time in a corporate environment. But when I quit my job as an Associate Quality Manager after 11 years of my loyal service to the company, I realized that I’m getting old and it’s time to fulfill that dream. And at last, on September 4, 2020, I published my first novel through Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. It felt really good. But of course, being able to publish a novel isn’t much of a challenge at all. The challenge is making people read your work because without readers, there’s really no validation and satisfaction in writing. So, when I got my first reader and first review, I was ecstatic! It felt so good that someone appreciated my work and efforts. The feeling was the same when I got my second, third review, and so on. Unfortunately, I have so many ghost readers and not enough reviews to get a wider exposure, so I thought that maybe publishing an article about it on my HubPages would help.

What is the message of my book?

The Silver-Haired Banshee is a romantic fantasy and modern folklore for young adults. It’s about true love and how one person can touch and change another person. It shows how unconditional love can make a half human and half creature like Betha realize the inner good in her. For most of her life, she’s angry at humans and doesn’t care less. Instead of using her ability to help people, she uses it to her own advantage by taking a dead person’s property and belongings to keep them as her own. She never saves a person’s life from imminent death, until she meets Apollo whom she’s supposed to use for her own advantage as well, but ends up falling for him. Betha initially wanted to suck the life out of his youth because it’s the only way to lose the ugly Banshee side of her. But when Apollo shows his genuine love by sacrificing himself, Betha starts to change. She fights her nature and tries her best to release the inner good in her which may actually be her true nature after all.



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