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My Dashain: Neither happiness nor surprise

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Festival of a poor man

My son, people, my self-respect does not make me cry like a scoundrel, let me laugh and be happy, but sinful hunger does not allow my stomach to open my heart and make me happy. It was celebrated with self-respect and the end of a sinful stomach crying and disappearing within itself. Dasai never comes with me Khasi, meat, pukku, bhutuwa, jhol, sukuti, to buy new clothes, to have fun in Coke fenta and to have fun in flags, turrets and dice. The lights don't work. Someone's life is like a vessel. I am also an ordinary person who walks with a broken but not rented life.

I don't know the definition of tithe, I don't know this method, I eat chakhala all year round and on the tenth day I eat a little bit of rice, that's half of my stomach, I know the tithe is the same. Eating it by sticking two sticks of chapa on the forehead and mixing it with cinnamon and gitta is the name of the festival brought from the forest. I know this. Lahureni's mother wears gold jewelry to cover her body, but my mother does not know where she is. Anyway, this is a festival for parents to buy meat and make food for their children. It is a festival to re-sew the torn clothes of the sisters and bathe them again. And Dashain is a festival to see the beauty of people sitting at the door of the house. Yes, that festival is called Dashain. Its literal pronunciation becomes Dasha for me and in the word structure 'D' means Dasha and 'Sha' means peace. The name of that festival is Dashen which makes me cry.

The cloud of scarcity strikes and comes to haunt again next year. - Goes with a promise. The same Chad is Dasai, for me it is Chad - that is, 'Cha' means desire, and 'D', that is, burning, is to burn the power of self-respect in the face of one's helplessness. This is Chad Dashai where I look for my certificate and my qualification in Ashtami. I cook my self-esteem and self-respect on the day of Navami and eat tears on the day of Tika, i.e. Dashami. Why it happens in tens, who brought it and why it lasts for years, hurts. Every ten days I cry with word compulsion. So I die within myself and say goodbye for decades.

Sometimes I get angry, I don't earn, Baba introduced me to the world through his hard work, but ironically, even after passing this eighteenth spring today, I could not give any of my earnings to Baba. This year has passed, it is over, but this tenth, who has been called a sinner and my condition, will make fun of me again next year. I say goodbye to the other 10 in this situation. But I'm not afraid, I know my dreams and goals, I know the value of my father's torn shirt and I know the value of every breastfeeding mother carries, I will be drawn to my heart even if I get lost somewhere in the forest. Emotions and cocktails, life will be painful. Those injuries have come to make people strong, but I promise myself. That I can make my life successful by making full use of my knowledge, hard work and skills.

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Shekhar (author) from Kathmandu,Nepal on January 31, 2021:


Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 24, 2021:

Well said. Keep on good writing.

manatita44 from london on January 23, 2021:

Yes. Try. Life can be a great struggle and a challenge for many. God bless your heart. More Peace.

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