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My Awakened Eyes

I have done extensive research over the years on the subject of "The Great Awakening". This topic generally creates a lot of controversy.



A Poem about "The Great Awakening"

There is so much more to life than our five senses perceive.

We have only to keep an open mind and learn how to receive.

I have always sensed that there had to be more to this life.

So, I searched and I searched but I only found strife.

I tried booze, drugs and everything else in pursuit of relief.

But instead, dead-ended with more depression, loneliness and grief.

I was always looking outward for answers to my prayers.

I should have been looking inwards to discover a Higher-Self that genuinely cares.

My Higher-Self loves me and would never lead me astray.

Only showing me truth, love and the right way...every single day.

However, I also have an Ego so conceited and self-absorbed.

My Ego wants to stay in control and would never want me to be one with the Lord.

While my Ego misleads me to be of "Service to Self".

It should be of "Service to Others" before myself.

This leads me to my own personal "Great Awakening" which reveals so much.

This vast knowledge of the truth would temporarily put me out of touch.

Lies, deceptions, programming even mind-control at every turn.

Oh my God, there is too much to learn.

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Therefore, I continue to learn,

as well as discern...

Then I keep what resonates with my Higher-Self.

I leave what does not behind on the shelf.

When I try to share with you my new discoveries,

it only puts you at great unease.

You look at me as if I have lost my mind.

But discovering the truth is a magnificent find.

Since my awakening, I can now truly see,

with an open heart and mind what has always been right before me.

Once you have awakened and you see the truths,

you can never go back to being obtuse.

The lies, distractions and programming (even mind-control),

is to keep everyone asleep and enslaved for that is their goal.

No deed is too evil for "The Powers That Be" (TPTB).

Which consists of a soul-less group of elites out to eliminate you and me.

They conduct "False Flags" to cause chaos and disorder.

To distract our attention from their planned "New World Order".

They have their agendas which we cannot foresee.

They have always had said agendas and they forebode horrendous disaster for you and for me.

Depopulation and eugenics across the planet are just one of many.

From centuries of instigating wars and creating chaos and destruction, you can bet that it's cost a pretty penny.

The biggest by far is the staged "Plandemic”.

To invoke silly rules which have nothing to do with science and are not even academic.

Followed by prepared poisons to inject into the population in the form of so-called vaccinations.

To be enforced with mandatory mandates for all the nations.

If said agendas are successfully met, it will indeed be the beginnings of a new dawn.

For humanity as we know it will for sure be gone.

Make no mistake. This final war waging upon Earth is "Good against Evil" or the "Light against Dark".

I can promise you that what is coming will be no walk in the park.

I repeat one last time as a final warning, it is of the utmost importance that those still asleep awaken now for the midnight hour is upon us.

To win this war against darkness will be for our lives, our freedoms and for the next generations, be the ultimate bonus.

Nothing in our history can ever beware...

humanity must wake up so that we can prepare.

United as one and with all our might,

We will bring our light and win this fight of all fights

There will be no more evil among us, life will only be good.

Living only in the Love and the Light of our creator and by all, this will be understood.


It is happening now


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