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My 7 Hats as a Software Developer at Work

My 7 Hats as a Software Developer at Work

My 7 Hats as a Software Developer at Work

My Journey as a Programmer

After having completed one-third of my life in software development, I have realized two important life lessons in life.

  • More than coding skills, the right attitude toward learning and collaboration is important to survive in this industry.
  • The key to effective software development is adaptation. The more you can don multiple hats, the further you would go up the software ladder. Simple as that!

And adaptation in this field means learning to navigate and transform ourselves into different personality types, understanding our strengths (and weaknesses), and setting aside disagreements to work toward a common goal.

and here are some of the hats I have worn in my career so far. Needless to say, these haikus are inspired by Brenda Arledge's Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 52 - "Adapt."

The Fixer

I am a hunter,

badly sought after by all.

My fixes save face.

The Oldie-Goldie

Outdated, outgunned.

I belong to an era,

which had no shortcuts.

The Superhero

I only peak up

when the world is on fire.

Handle carefully.

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Looney Maniac

Lone overthinker.

I sometimes outclass Einstein,

when left in peace.

The Workaholic

Eats, drinks, and breathes code.

The only way to my heart;

programming jargon.

The Perfectionist

I am the poet.

My code is a work of art.

Utter Perfection.

The Charmer

Smart, articulate.

Consummate peddler of words.

I also write code.

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© 2022 Ravi Rajan

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